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So, this is my Monday's Minute Challange entry. 
But it's not monday!!!! *frowns at Me, Myself and I* (not a another word out of you three!!) But, actually I am here to inform you that I for one do not care that isn't Monday. I wrote it on monday, and that´s all that counts. 

I stared into the icy depths of the sea and paused. Maybe he was wrong.  Maybe he was lying. But no, why would he lie to me? There was only one hope. One option. The cold face that reflected on the water told me it was going to be fine. I told it it wouldn't. That face was mine but  I didn't recognize it. It was pale. It's cheeks hollow.  It's eyes emotionless. I dropped the bucket into the depths. The rope it was tied to grew taunt in my hands, but I held on. As I pulled the bucket up, the waves seemed splash closer and closer, higher and higher, trying to reach me. The life from the wood below came up with the bucket. I couldn't see it, but it was there. I had to jump. I could die.…

Nae saian luume'

Yes, it has been far too long! I think I ought to do more scribbling on this blog, since it is indefatigable. :) So, I wrote this poem for a Thursday Poetry Challenge and I liked it a lot. It is supposed to be in Roald Dahl style, if you don't know what that means, just read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Or Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, that one is good too. You know what? Read as many as you can get your hands on! That's what I do.
Oh, I also drew a comic strip to go with it. I got bored in the middle of coloring it, so it's not finished, and my camera and the lighting are... not the best. Also, I've never done comic style drawings before, I'm not sure how I like it... But I love comments!  So please comment.

Looking out the window Of our blue schoolhouse today I spied a Elefendoe Walking on the lawn

I glanced over at my teacher Droning at her desk Like a giant creature But she wouldn't notice me

I'd have planned it out so well It would go without a hit…