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My Blog's Design- A Review

Aaye Mellonamin!

And how are we today?
I: fine, thank you!
Me: molto bene!
Myself: hey did you see that squirrel yesterday?
Me: the one that the dog chased?
Myself: yeah, that thing was completely nuts!!! *roars with laughter*
Me: he. he. he.
I: that is really not funny at all

(I'll just keep going with the post. Sorry about the noise! They are like this ALL the time. Esspecially when I'm trying to get to sleep!)
So, in case you couldn't tell, about two weeks ago I got a new design!!
I wasn't satisfied with my own work, so I asked my friend Allie Taylor for help. She does blog design and oh. My. g-o-s-h. She is good. I mean, just look at this place!!
Go check out her blog! And if you need work done, ask her. She's wonderful!!!!!!!
Here is my review.
I asked for a midnight in spring feel. She gave me midnight blue font, with a silvery background. I also asked for pale green somewhere, because I LOVE the color! So, little box thingy majig around the pages, that is gr…

Vedui' il'er

Vedui' il'er!  Yeah, yeah I know. I said I would only post every other week, but honest, it's an emergency. There's a crack. In my wall. Aunt Shy says it's an ordinary crack, but I know it's not, cause at night... there are voices. So please could you send someone to fix it. Or a policeman. Or- 
Oh wait, you didn't want a quote? Woops. That was from The Eleventh Hour, the first episode of season five of Doctor Who. Amelia Pond says it. So back to the real thing:
I am going to be doing a character conversation with my friend Christine's (not Daae, unfortunately. She ran off with Raoul. Tsk. Tsk. What a foolish girl) character. 
The emergency is just this: we don't really know what we want our characters to say. So, we want you, lovely readers, (yes, contrary to common belief *frowns at myself* you are lovely) to supply them with questions. Here is your assingment in bold just in case you don't understand, Me tells me that she doesn't:
What would y…

A Little Bit Of Nothing...

Hello all you lovely readers!

Me: ha! that's the funniest thing I've heard all day!
Myself: what about that joke I told you?
Me: you mean the dog one?
Myself: yep. wasn't it great?
Me: you know what, not really.
I: You mean this one? "A dog walks up to a tree and then says 'oh no, I forgot to store acorns for winter and now I am dead."
Myself: *doubles over with laughter* it's so funny because the squirrel gets dead!
Me: you think you are so funny, don't you? 
I: that's from Up isn't it?
Myself: yeah isn't it great? *laughs hysterically* 
Me: Amin feuya ten' lle

cricket cricket. cheep cheep. blink blink. 

Okay that was weird. I need to ground those three. 
Me, Myself and I: WHAAAAT??? NOOOOO!!!!!
Me: the 'lovely' readers love us!!!
Myself: I need to tell more squirrel jokes!! where will the world be without me??

Oh good grief! What do you think? Should I keep them? (please answer in the com…