Wow! It's Wednesday already?? Did NOT see that coming!! XD
But anyway, for this week's post, the AMAZING Kenzey over at smudged thoughts nominated me for the sunshine something or another award and basically

And so now I have a subject for my post this Wednesday and you poor darlings weren't neglected yet again!!! *cheers and throws cookies all over you*

So here's the rules, because for some reason THERE ARE RULES FIR EVERYTHING???!?!?! Seriously! I mean, what did orange juice even DO???!?! I'm super curious!! Everyone is constantly shaking it, poor thing. (EH? EH? EHH?? SEE WHAT I DID THERE? GOSH I'M HILARIOUS!!)

#1… Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
This is two rules in the disguise of one, I am DISGUSTED!!

#2… Answer the 11 questions the said person asked you in this here cross examination.
And now we're ANSWERING questions, EW!

#3… Nominate 11 other people, and interrogate THEM in return for the evilness done to you.
Again. Two rules in disguise of one, WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!?!?!

#3… List the rules and display the award.
Excuse me, I just did that!! Evil micromanager!! And WHAT THE HECK THEY DID IT AGAIN?!?!!
This is why I'm moving to Cloud Cukoo Land when I retire.

Me: well that will be a while.
Myself: yeah, you don't even have a job!
I: *shrugs* can't deny the facts.

Um HELLO??? Yeahuh I have a job! I am a full-time child and I have a side-job as a sister on weekends. It's exhausting and doesn't even pay very well! I'm quitting in about two years?
18 sounds like a good ol’ ripe age to retire right? I'll be practically ancient.
But enough of this-

#1… If you could have one day (24 hours, exactly) to be any fictional character you wanted, which would you pick and WHY?
Pardon me while I ponder this for eternity.
Okay FINE! Since it one of the rules, I'll comply, but I want it written down distinctly that I do not do this by choice!!
You got it down? Good.
I would probably be the Doctor.
I mean, honestly. He has a time machine and two hearts and a jolly fantastic time running around and messing up history. WHY NOT I ASK YOU??

#2… Would you rather be a mime for 24 hours, or speak in nothing but haikus for 42 hours? (answers must reflect what you pick [i.e. ‘I would choose Haiku, because it is easier, than never speaking…’ {GIF’s are allowed and also ENCOURAGED}])
I don't understand how this could be a hard choice!!! HAIKU ALL THE WAY!!!! I love haikus because they are amazing and Apollo also uses them so that's a huge plus. (Please tell me you know what I'm talking about) ALSO I'm a bit of a poetic freak myself so that would be heaven for me. I would get SO good at them!!
Actual footage of my amazing fans.
Or close enough anyway

#3… Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?
Probably vanilla, just because I prefer a nice calm flavor to dark or peppy.

#4… Would you rather be a dragon or a phoenix?
Dragon. In my vast (shut up, Me) VAST experience with them they tend to be more sarcastic and brilliant. Though phoenix sounds pretty dang cool too...

#5… Ursula gives you an ultimatum: (A) become a mermaid forever (complete with the tail), but be unable to breathe underwater, or (B) stay a human forever and no longer be able to breathe air, but breathe underwater instead. Which do you pick?
First of all, WHO IS THIS URSULA PERSON AND WHY IS SHE GIVING OUT STUFF??? Second, B. I actually really like water and the sea, and I'm pretty positive it's easier to swim with legs in water than it is to flop with a tail on land. Although, I would be quite a spectacle as a mermaid and be famous and carried around on a couch probably. ...
I still say B.

#6… Describe to me your favorite color, without using the color’s name… (this is not a question, but I CARE NOT!)
My favorite color is deep like the sky and dark like the dusk. It is full and rich and round. It feels like a warm hug you can never quite reach. It looks like an ocean of tears. It tastes like a meloncholy sigh. It smells like trees in the dark. It sounds like the song of my soul.

#7… You’re given the option of becoming famous overnight, or being a small town-celebrity. Which do you pick, and why? (#deep)
Ugh. Small town celebrity sounds easier on my darling introverted soul.

#8…Would you rather have the Beast or the library?
(Except just Haddock's answer for this part)

#9… Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Or stay locked up in your room all day reading books and writing stories?
First, I'm not a hugemongous fan of Frozen, so thanks for sticking that song in my head!!!! 😠
JK it's fine. (But if you hadn't taken my pitchfork…)
But still, what could be better than reading and writing all day long???
(Spoiler: nothing)

#10…Which falls faster–the chicken or the egg?
Wait what are they falling off of? Why?? Is this the new way of making KFC, because if so, give me a chicken and a chair and dinner's on me! Except not really, because I'm hungry and I'll eat it all.

#11… Middle Earth is at war with Narnia. Which side wins?
Hmmm….. actually, I just want to know why they are fighting!! They are both good worlds and I don't know why they wouldn't get along- BUT to answer the actual question, I feel like Middle Earth has more men and experience, so let's say Middle Earth.
Also, I like Middle Earth better so…

Okay so I nominate
Sweet Sophia @lantern in her hand
Amazing Allie @ the depth of my faith
Amicable Abbiee @ Abbiee music blog
Magnificent May @forever and everly

Great! Now, at last, moy questcheens.
(Calm down. It's… martian for… my questions… Oh shush)

#1… would you rather only be able to listen to one song for the rest of your life, OR one song on repeat for a week?

#2… if you're had to choose that song, which song would you choose?

#3… a stranger in a brown trenchcoat tells you he is a time traveler and you're going to die in 3 hours, what do you do?

#4… would you rather never be able to read again or never be able to write again?

#5… describe your favorite number in a color. (Sort of stealing Kenzey's… but whatever, I gave her cookies SHE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL)

#6… tell me your favorite word without using that word. So basically the equivalent of it. DON'T YOU DARE GIVE ME A DICTIONARY DEFINITION!!

#7… who are two of your favorite authors? Or, if you don't read much, who are your favorite actors

#8… what is ONE favorite book from each author? Or, what is one movie that each actor plays in.

#9… the main characters from each book/movie get together for a day. What do they do?

#10… who is your favorite sidekick/secondary character (in any movie/book) and why?

#11… if you are a writer, who is the best/favorite character you have ever written? If you are not, who is your fictional role-model?

I know, pretty lame. But DO 'EM ANYWAY!

(In other words, comment with your blogpost links so that I can read your answers!!!)

In conclusion, I recently noticed I have TWENTY-ONE FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!
Namaarie Mellonamin

An Adventure to Remember- Prologue and Entry 1

The (mostly) true story of a missionary girl...

It was the beginning of their seventh year as missionaries. Autumn had fallen upon America. Mr. A. Wind began his blowing with gusto. The trees turned their leaves red and yellow as they aged. The apples ripened as Jack began to dance upon the ground, leaving frost in his wake.
 It was this that she left. 
The weather was warm, occasional downpours of rain outside and through slits in the roof it dripped. The hot capital, the cooler town. The slight breeze of Mr. S. Wind blew lightly. 
It was this that she came to. 
At Christmas time, she left and visited her grandparents. 
She spent her birthday with her cousins in February. 
She went back to the place in March, and there she has stayed till the point where our story begins. 

This is the story of a girl in a big family, in Central America, in the blue-green planet called Earth. 
And this is the adventure of her life. 

Entry 1

Meg has come to the devastating realization today that she is two years old. She was quite beside herself this morning arguing with Peter that she was seven.
She came down the stairs from our parents room in tears this afternoon having been told by dad she really was two.

We have finished watching all six seasons of Clone Wars for the seventh time, or somewhere around there.
The end of season 5 had us all in tears yet again.
The kids worked/played outside this afternoon and I wrote some more. I am trying to write a thousand words a day, and have been consistent so far.
I went to the “castle” and swept some, and then did half a dozen sorry excuses for a cartwheel.
It felt good to get my heart pumping double time and then taking a cold shower.
They watched half The Phantom Menace this afternoon, but I wrote a bit and commented on Sophia's blog twice I believe.
We ate frozen chocolate covered bananas. The chocolate was cheap and gross, and the banana slimy, but it was quite good and the day warm.
I chatted off and on with my cabinmates today. They are quite nice.
I beta read a story that was fantastic and that was quite nice too.
I ate a grasshopper and it was quite weird.
I discovered a dead tarantula in the walkway and thanked God it was not aquainted with my bare feet.
I helped mum make supper- for ONCE not forgetting it is my job.
I burnt my fingers a little in lighting the stove and on the toast.
I had to toast it on a large skillet. And it is so much funner to use your fingers instead of a fork or a spatula like a civilized human bean.
My fingers didn't quite see it that way.
Dad kindly pointed that out.
So I got a fork.
And then forgot to use it in my haste to save the burning ones. That back burner is quite hot.
We had spaghetti, in case you were wondering.
I am reading the Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones and basically it is PERFECTION.
My sisters and I sang the songs from Prince of Egypt with more or less the correct words.
Sometimes it went like: “Gleaming in the moonlight. *pant* *pant* something something alabaster stone, all I ever wanteeed. Sweet perfumes of incense. *pant* *pant* something else and I don't even know, All I ever wanteeed! This is my home! With my father, mother, brother, oh so noble oh so strong, aand if anybody doubts it they couldn't be more wroooong!!”
You get the picture?
It was fun.
We had night prayers and afterward I made sure I had enough pages of the book loaded to read.
We ate leftover ice cream from yesterday, which was slightly freezer burnt and Napoleon.
I finished reading aloud the chapter titled The Palantir and struggled, as always, with Pippin’s accent. What is it about that dude and his unmimicable accent!!
Then we lounged in our bedroom. (Yes, all of us share a bedroom. Only two kids have to share beds!! It's great.)
We talked about Star Wars and my deep insights left them all gaping in wonder.
Then I decided to write this.

“We can get dirty, mom, just by running through the house.” Isaac says from his bed.
“Yes you can.” Mum replies from nursing Margaret.
“Hardly a superpower.” Someone remarks drily from her bed. (Hint: it was me)
No one answers this.
Now they are all asleep and I am going to read.

My Face When- Lord of the Rings

Welcome to another My Face When! I think you guys liked the last ones, so here ya go! Enjoy!

My face when I said I would post on Wednesday and it's Friday already.
(Oh.. you noticed that, did you?)

Your face when I say I will post on Wednesday and it's Friday already...

My face when I finish a book 
and the sequel isn't out yet. 

My face whenever I do math.

My face when my siblings are saying the same thing over 
and over and over and over and I say
"The next person to say that will get a smack!" 
and then my dad says it...

My face at the end of Poldark season 1.

My face when I wants- wait a second that isn't even a face! Who is writing this thing??

My face when we are watching a movie as a family
and then there is a curse word, or unnecessary reference.
(Are you kidding me, the same thing again?!)
(If you got that quote you are my new favorite person.)

My face when I got zero sleep last night, for no reason 
whatsoever except my brain wouldn't shut up
and my little brother wants me 
to play with him.

My face when I quote an awesome movie (aka, the Lego Movie) 
and no one gets it.

My face when I am quoting the Lego Movie, 
and someone DOES get it!!!!

My face when I am talking to some other people
and they bring up some popular singer/book/movie
(*laughs as if I know exactly who they are talking about* 
*thinks "what the heck are they talking about??"*)

My face when I hear a clever pun.
Especially if I thought of it.

What I think my face looks like when I first get up in the morning.

What I really look like. 

Aand that just about wraps it up for today, folks! I hope to be back next Wednesday ON TIME, but probably I won't. 
Thank you for reading and chaaat with me in the comments!! I reply to every single one, just so you know. 

Oh! I almost forgot: 

S is for supersweet, it is too a word!
O is for Outstanding, photos, posts, and all!
is for Pragmatic, and wise beyond her years
is for Heartfelt, in every word she writes
is for Incredible at everything she does
A is for Astounding, no more needs be said

Sophia, my dearest friend, you are really and truly everything I said above.
Happy late birthday!

Note: I said I wasn't sure if this was such a good idea last post, but a darling friend and amazing blogger (psst! It was Rae!) told me to go for it!!
So here I am doing it.
Namaarie Mellonamin!!

Snippety Snippety SNIPPETS!!!!!!!!

Well friends, it is I, your darling E, with a post of snippets just like I said!!!!!!
*confetti* Have some cake and waffles!!!!!
Now now calm down, hun, it's not that great.

So I thought I would introduce my story I shall be working on this camp nano!!
I'm not sure how well I will be able to balance this whole missions/writing thing but why not try???
So I actually only have one snippet, and it's all I've written, so sorry? But I will do more and maybe give you snippets from my other WIPs.

Without further ado,

The door opens behind me the moment the cat disappears.
“Come.” My Uncle commands from the doorway, as is his custom. I follow him inside.
His house is large and musty and a mere shadow of it's former glory.
It is filled with piles and stacks of books and papers and odd trinkets. I tried to touch them once. Then Uncle cast a spell on my fingers and they remained in an uncomfortable crossed position for an fifty-three minutes and 12 seconds. I did not like it.
Now, as I follow him, I make a conscious effort to keep my hands to myself. The way is extra dusty and full. I think his possessions move about on their own. They like to clog up passageways and cling to floors. They are rumoured to eat socks and brushes too.
It is quite a path to the Back Garden. The way changes frequently and only Uncle's maps and ingenious mind can navigate them. Or so he says.
At last. We have made it. The steps are the trickiest for Uncle to handle, but I manage very well.
The steps hang in thick air, mostly, many jumps apart and moving frequently. They move about 4 minutes and 3 seconds, but occasionally they move up to 18 milliseconds.
You must jump just before the move, and step only with your right foot, or you will fall. Uncle levitates up on his brushes, but I hop it.
People think brooms fly. It's not true. Only brushes fly, and toothbrushes are the quickest and easiest to steer.
I will get a pair as soon as I am 45.
We have made it to the top, and Uncle is opening the door. He clears his throat and indicates the door with one bushy eyebrow.
I enter.
The Back Garden is in the house itself, yet it has an extensive roof. Uncle keeps a Coughing Zebra here to keep the trees healthy. The Zebra in question is nodding solemnly to me now. I smile and wave back. Uncle clears his throat and I hurry to the only colored thing in the room.
It is a red sack in the shape of a tear drop, spiraling slightly at the top as if hung on an invisible hook.
Which of course is exactly what it is.
I sit down under the sack, and close my eyes. It is warm, so I discard my hat at scarf.
I imagine the giant from whom this year was collected. I imagine it's large nose, and it's purple right eye. I imagine it's green left eye. I imagine deep sorrow, like what I felt when I learnt San Close was real.
Then I deepen the sorrow. I see a tear forming in the green eye and I move in closer, thinking of all the pets that have died. Thinking of pets makes me think of the cat I saw this morning. Then it makes me think of a name for it. Flame. I test the word on my tongue. Then I remember what I am doing and I return to the sad giant. The giant is about to cry now. It rears its head back, opens it's mouth and- 

This is also an entry for the PictoPrompter thingy held over at Smudged Thoughts and it's basically perfection, so go over there and DO THIS WITH ME!!! HERE it is!!

Oh! And just to warn you lovely folks, I will be posting a story I am working on at random times, called An Adventure to Remember. It is the (mostly) true story of me and all my adventures from here onward. I hope you enjoy!!
Namaarie Mellonamin!
P.S. I think Wednesdays will be my posting days.
Sound good?
Tell me vat you sink of my vriting!
Yes. I did just say that in a German accent.
No, don't as me why!!!!?!!!!
Just CUZ.

YES. Yes it is! ...I think?

Because when it's 8:09 pm and you are watching Lord of the Rings and you just got minutes for your phone, the obvious thing to do is write a random blogpost with no apparent point. Right? RIGHT????
Oh... that's only me...

Myself: and Myself!!
I: and I!!!!
Me: *smirks*

Well I have you guys anyway. I guess it's fine then.

So let's make a list, because they are fun, and make me look like a semi-organized person! (Spoiler: I have no organizational skills whatsoever  I have perfect skills in everything especially organising. Me, shut your mouth.)

I will now make a list of....
What I want to post about on this blog.
I'm feeling a bit scattered and random with all my crashes of info onto you all, so I am going to try to be more consistent and actually DO something so that when I post your head doesn't spin in a million directions a million miles and hour, but instead you are given a pleasant little stay in my little corner of the blogsphere.
Here is what I want to try to do:

•Snippet Stuff
•Vlog Versions
•Serious Scatterings
•Monthly Mundanes

Hopefully once every two months or so I will change one of these blog things into a vlog! So you can see my beautiful face and I can gloat about my bad videoing skills.
Once a month I will share a snippet of my writing, whether that be my WIP or just a randomness I don't know, but it will be something.
Serious Scatterings will be me randomly getting the urge to be serious and share about life and stuff.
And then a monthly update since they seem to be all the rage.

How does that sound??
Also, I'm not sure the birthday thing was such a good idea. Only one person mentioned it in the comments so MAYBE it's a no. Is it??
Oh my gosh, look at me writing such a short post! I'M MAGNIFICENT!
Or am I?
Talk, humans.