Maybe Something New???? (Oh and that song I promised you)

Because when you live in a place like I do, internet is pesky, scarce, annoying and constantly dying for three days in a row.
Like it did to me.
So I DID get Pocketwatch Melody on YouTube, and you CAN see it, and I'll put the link down at the bottom of this post.

With that outta the way, how's about that new thing!!
We will all quietly ignore the fact that I ALWAYS say I'll do something and then rarely get around to it.

On a more serious note, my New Idea™ is to do music reviews!!!
*cheers wildly*
*realizes no one else is cheering*


But not really because this is really cool!! I am going to take Singers that I personally like and tell you all about them, there best songs, what kind of music they write, and if it's appropriate for all ages.
THAT BEING SAID, I WILL NOT LISTEN TO ANYTHING EXPLICIT OR BAD ON PURPOSE. What I mean by appropriate for all ages is more like this:

Veggietales. Its not really for adults, though they can listen to it.
Or, Of Monsters and Men. Its not really geared towards little kids, but the can listen to it, etc.

That way I can have something to post about that I love (because obviously  love music), and it SHOULD be helpful for you folks who want to listen to music but don't wanna find out for yourself what genre/age group it is.

Have a great day/night folks, and remember that God made you special, and he loves- UGH NO I'M NOT DOING VEGGIETALES RIGHT NOW!!

Here's da song:

Btw, be on the lookout for more songs because I'm going to be doing more! Also subscribe to my channel because I'm awesome
HOWEVER, now that you mention it, I AM pretty cool so go ahead and be a nice-o and at least watch it?? 

Namaarie Mellonamin!! 

I Have Changed My Mind + Pockwatch Melody

So I told you all  was doing The Call. I told myself and my family and some friends. I told the guitar and the piano and Ophelia's Uncle's third cousin 5 times removed on his mother's side that I would sing and film The Call.
Weeeellll..... I did!!
But you can't see it.
It's atrocious and I can't get it right and I really don't like it.
Instead I am going to do a different song to get this song singing thing up and running.
It's a song I just wrote the other day and I had a feeling it will be put into a future musical that does not exist at this point in time.
Or maybe it will go into my musical-in-progress called The Other Side of the Coin.
Which is not about money lenders or money makers or even barely about money!!
Okay I guess it plays a semi-important role, but WHATEBER. (I am loving this word!!)
Basically just envision a little street urchin, muddy and crying on the street.
A rich man comes up to her and asks what is wrong.
She was just made fun of by her friends for wanting to be an actress when she grows up and is utterly inconsolable until he pulls out his pocketwatch and a handkerchief and sings her the Pocketwatch Melody.
Once I get more songs up I will be putting them into albums/playlists on youtube an probably that one other thing online that I forgot the name of but might be soundcloud or something.
On that note, I wanted to mention something!
I have realized that I have been trying super hard to make my phone do professional things that it just can't do. I've been stressing and getting angry at myself and my phone for not being what I "need" it to be.
But I don't need it to be!
I've realized that the point of my making these is not for anything but fun. For myself and for you guys because some of you have asked me to.
So my videos will be far from perfect. Not even close. I'm messy, and I sway and nod and bumb around because for some reason I can't stay still when I sing.
Some day I may do better. It will be a million and two years till I ever am able to make actual albums but until then this will suffice.
                                Namaarie Mellonamin!!
P. S. I just realized that some of you probably don't know what that even means!!
It says  Farewell My Friend   in Elvish. I know I've stopped throwing around Elvish phrases but, ed' I' ear ar' elenea I don't really have the patience to look up the right phrases!!
P. P. S. Is it weird to use hashtags?? I find it kind of weird, but also fun because the you can sum up your thoughts in one word.
Like that.
P. P. P. S. YouTube and the Internet are sworn enemies so you'll have to wait till tomorrow for my new song (Pocketwatch Melody) to upload. SORRY!!

Entry 4

Meg is crying and clinging to the dustpan long handle. Rebekah has the firmer grip and has wrenched it from the little girl's grasp.
“You have to let me carry it Margaret!” She says, “you'll just fall and drop it!”
I come over to inspect the scene. The dustpan has dirt and pebbles and old coconut husks in it. Rebekah promptly goes downstairs to put it away and Meg slaps the bookshelf. I pick up Margaret and bring her over to my chair.
“I didn't swap Becky!” she tells me.
“I know, but you still slapped the bookshelf. The point is you don't need to hit anything just because you're mad.” She doesn't look at me. I situate her more comfortably on my lap.
“Do you know why she wouldn't let you carry that downstairs?” She still doesn't look at me. “Meg. Do you know why?”
She looks up.
“Because if you brought it downstairs, you might fall and those stairs are cement and you would get hurt very bad.”
“But she wouldn't wet me bwing it downstairs!” She says, her two year old mind unable to comprehend anything but the injustice done her.
“I know, but she did it because she is bigger and she won't fall. You might. She did it because she loves you.”
“Onwy a teensie bit of kids don't wuv me.” She informs me seriously.
“What? Who doesn't love you?” I ask, straightening her t-shirt on her shoulders.
“Well Isaac- I said dat Isaac can't wuv me for a wittle bit.”
I try hard not to smile.
“You said Isaac can't love you?”
“Yeah.” She sees my smile and smiles at me, trying to make me laugh.
“Who else?”
She grins “Petehl and Estheh can't wuv me either!” She leans forward to bonk my forehead.
“I can't love you?! But Meg!” I bonk her forehead gently and then kiss the top of her head.
“Nope. But Petehl can.”
“Why?” I ask her in an agonized tone.
“I wanna go to da powech.” She says and climbs off my lap, obviously assuming the conversation is over.
“I wuv yo!” I yell after her.
“Me too!” She yells back.
Little children these days.

Just... Whyyyy???????

As I sit at my teeny deskish thing, swatting mosquitoes and dreading the math I'm currently avoiding, I feel...

Welcome to my brain, where all of rhe above are my normal mood!! :P

But dont feel sorry for me, you curious lump of mashed turnip and egg stew, I also feel a lot of nostalgia SO WE'RE ALL GOOD.
Its 6:52 as I write these words and I am frantic to finish this post so I will rush right along!!

I sort of kind of a lot maybe failed in my goals for last month, so yeah thats great... And you would be listening to a song of mine by now if a string hadn't broken on the guitar... Yeeaahhh..... Sort of kind of a lot maybe relieved because I'M A SCARED MUFFIN PEOPLE, AND I GET GOOSEBUMPS EVERY TIME I THINK OF POSTING MYSELF SINGING ONLINE.
INTERNET IS KIND OF FOREVER SO... Yah jo stress there at all.

Aaaanyway, BIG NEWS!!! I have to finish two years worth of highschool in 6ish months.

Also weirdo that I am using hashtags now???
Also I need to do school.
Also it's maaaahahaaaath and i doon't waannnaaaa!!!!!!!!

S.O.S and all that rot, ya know?
Namaarie Mellonamin!!

P.S. I also contribute over at Burning Youth now!!! Check out this blog because its really amazing! Be a pal and follow and share and comment will you?? Danke very much.

Entry 3

Entry 3
I am sitting on my bed with a bunny curled against my stomach in one hand, his heartbeat against my palm, his plump stomach making noises.

They don't use the toilet in their sleep, do they?
I hope not.
Today has been fairly uneventful.
We had a scrumptious breakfast of french toast and sausage.
Quite a nice change from oatmeal.
We spent some time in a very interesting occupation that engaged all our finely attuned and widely varied brain capacities and…
I may or may not have simply forgotten what in the world we did this morning.
It was probably boring.
We watched Rogue one before lunch, and for lunch we had barbecued chicken and a meat of which I know not the owner. We had potato salad- but without mustard, and I made guacamole. Rachel deep fried potato chips, and we had pickles.
Quite a luxury.
Douglas, Ninoska, Ezekiel, Paul and Bing all dined with us.
After lunch, we did chores, and I listened to the parents talking while doing dishes.
I also tried to convince Bridget that people's words can only hurt you if you let them. She was not convinced.
After a while we finished Rogue One, and then had long philosophical discussions that went something like this.
“Which one do you like better, Rogue One or The Force Awakens?”
“I don't know…”
“Really? I like Rogue One way better.”
“Yeah but I like Rey better than Jyn.”
“Why, because she has buckteeth?”
“Well partly, but-”
Peter laughs
“But I like Rey as a character better!”
“Yeah right.”
And this.
“Oh Rachel, in How It Should Have Ended, K2 was like 'Well I knew we only had 30% chance of survival’ and uh 'so I copied my memory banks into another droid and now I'm here to save you!’”
“Yeah and the 'force is with me’ guy was like 'yeah and I'm a Jedi now, I took-’ what's her name?”
“Jyn’s kyber crystal-”
“Oh yeah, 'so I took Jyn's kyber crystal and made a lightsaber!”
Here I whip out a lightsaber and show Rachel the moves he used. And I laugh and Rachel looks incredulous and Peter sort of chuckles.
And this.
“Did they get the same actors?” Rachel asked from her seat on the black cot.
“No! Most of them are dead or too old!” I said
“That's what I thought. Like Leia?”
“She looked terrible!”
“I know! Her mouth was too flat and her nose was weird.”
Peter looks up at me,
“You know that from watching it one time? Yeah right.”
“Yes! I remember things like that!”
“Well she was weird.” Rachel puts in.
“Yes, it was her nose and mouth.”
Very philosophical.
Most of the afternoon was spent alternately sitting, walking and gazing up on the porch-like area and talking with Peter and Rachel.
Rachel came in and out, and Peter practiced handstand push-ups.
Mum and dad went on a walk, and I tried to download an app, which took a lot longer than it should have and made me quite annoyed.
I read some more of a quaint book called Rose. It is quite interesting.
And magical.
And makes me want to write more.
Maybe I should…
I played guitar for a while, and write this and then we had support.
Which is supper/dessert.
We usually have late lunches and then dessert for supper.
It's fantastic.
And probably super unhealthy.
Which is like regular unhealthy except with a cape. (Yes, paraphrased. Don't kill me, Cait. I only used it because it's awesome.)
Mum made bread pudding and we had coke floats.
Then we watched the Miracle Maker in Spanish till I was almost asleep then most of the kids went to bed so I joined them.
I believe mum and dad kept watching, but I was asleep, so I do not know.
That is all.
(Oh! Note: Isaac's bunny is actually a boy. His name is Cyrano again.)