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My Face When- Bleak House

Hey peeps! Ew. Did I really just say that?

Myself: YEP! You did!!! I am witness to the fact, and I am prepared to testify in court
Me: Totally! Just like I saw that squirrel crawling on the power line, yesterday- *gasps* I SHOULD TURN THAT INTO A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold on, let me think....
Myself: *facepalm*
I: um, maybe not?

anyway, I did NOT just call you humans (if you are not human, just tell me in the comments, I'll make sure to stop saying it) peeps the very THOUGHT is UNTHINKABLE!!!!!!!!! Ahem, moving on.
So, I found a FANTILIANT post, on a blog that is also FANTILIANT, it is so FANTILIANT it is FANTILIANT

Myself: if you say that word one more time, you might find yourself with a bent nose.
Me: *muttering*
I: wait, is she lost?
Myself: *gives look of disgust*
I: what? I was TRYING to make a joke! *sigh*

Like I was saying, it is absolutely FA- er, fantastic! Check out her blog HERE or ELSE, I'll send Myself to hound you, and as you all can tell, she is quite... erm,…
Hello, humans! (And all you other life forms. Or ghosts. Or whoever happens to be reading this.)

I have not posted for... wait a sec... almost a month. Not since August, which is-

Me: far too long for you poor souls to be without my brilliance.
Myself: and my squirrel jokes.
I: Hi guys! I'm so glad to see you again!

Oh yeah, they're here too. Hello, girls.
I suppose I should update you all on my existence! Lets see... since I last wrote a post, I have been to Texas for a mission appeal. That went well.  Nothing to report. I have read a numerous number of books, and listened to many audio books too. I have listened to a bunch of fun music too. Ummmmm... I have decided that I will be adding more gifs to my posts because I love gifs! Also, we will-

Myself: tell more squirrel jokes! Do you know how to catch a squirrel?
Me: why would you want to catch a squirrel?
I: um, you use a net?
Myself: you climb up a tree, and act like a nut!*laughs*
I: *smiles* you are getting better, at th…