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Snippety Snippety SNIPPETS!!!!!!!!

Well friends, it is I, your darling E, with a post of snippets just like I said!!!!!!
*confetti* Have some cake and waffles!!!!!
Now now calm down, hun, it's not that great.

So I thought I would introduce my story I shall be working on this camp nano!!
I'm not sure how well I will be able to balance this whole missions/writing thing but why not try???
So I actually only have one snippet, and it's all I've written, so sorry? But I will do more and maybe give you snippets from my other WIPs.

Without further ado,

The door opens behind me the moment the cat disappears. “Come.” My Uncle commands from the doorway, as is his custom. I follow him inside. His house is large and musty and a mere shadow of it's former glory. It is filled with piles and stacks of books and papers and odd trinkets. I tried to touch them once. Then Uncle cast a spell on my fingers and they remained in an uncomfortable crossed position for an fifty-three minutes and 12 seconds. I did not like it. …

YES. Yes it is! ...I think?

Because when it's 8:09 pm and you are watching Lord of the Rings and you just got minutes for your phone, the obvious thing to do is write a random blogpost with no apparent point. Right? RIGHT????
Oh... that's only me...

Myself: and Myself!!
I: and I!!!!
Me: *smirks*

Well I have you guys anyway. I guess it's fine then.

So let's make a list, because they are fun, and make me look like a semi-organized person! (Spoiler: I have no organizational skills whatsoever  I have perfect skills in everything especially organising. Me, shut your mouth.)

I will now make a list of....
What I want to post about on this blog.
I'm feeling a bit scattered and random with all my crashes of info onto you all, so I am going to try to be more consistent and actually DO something so that when I post your head doesn't spin in a million directions a million miles and hour, but instead you are given a pleasant little stay in my little corner of the blogsphere.
Here …