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In which I cheat, because A of GG W was quite a while ago now...

Green Gables Week taggy thingabob happened quite a while ago now, but I cheated-

Me: hooray, good for you. GET ON WITH IT
Myself: Once there was this squirrel-
I: You cheated?! 

Shush you old hags. Not now! 
So, this should have posted ages ago but, being me,

Myself: and me!
I: and me!
Me: well I am the prettiest! Plus I have the best squirrel jokes! Once there was a squirrel named Ambrose and he was such a nut he would swim with ducks!! *Laughs heartily*

Okay whatever! I didn't post it yet: the moral of the story. The end! 

Questiones:1. How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?
Probably my older sisters. My whole family has been an L. M . Montgomery fan club (okay, NOT including my brothers,  but whatever,  they don't count.)

2. Are you more like Anne or Diana? Why?
I like to think I am more like Anne because I have an overly vivid imagination, and I have a passion for writing and getting into scrapes. But I am also NOT fond of talking... okay fine, I can and do talk. A lot. Wh…