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Random Questions and Facts about MEEE!!!

Kenzie, you are my saving grace. You too, Vanessa. Because I may or may not have been chowing my fingernails faster than a squirrel eats walnuts-
Myself: DID I HEAR SOMEONE MENTION SQUIRRELS??????? I LOOVE SQUIRRELS!!!!!!! Did I ever tell you what the psychiatrist said to the squirrel??? Me: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT YOUR MOUTH NOW!!!!!!!!! I: Please??
NO! NO ONE IS MENTIONING SQUIRRELS. SHUSH!! Ahem. I may or my not have been chowing my fingernails to a pulp *glares at Myself* trying to figure out what to write for this post???? Because I'm silly like that. I have a million draft posts, but they make me cringe so bad you'd think I just bit into a pickled watermelon rind- but no. I was just THINKING about them. But I read a post with a bunch of questions on Vanessa's blog, and then Kenzie did a post with 19 facts about her adorable self, and I REVIVED. I ALSO MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE TAKEN ALL THE COOKIES. JUST SAYIN. So. Without further ado, I give you- A Bunch of Facts and Some An…
Wow! It's Wednesday already?? Did NOT see that coming!! XD But anyway, for this week's post, the AMAZING Kenzey over at smudged thoughts nominated me for the sunshine something or another award and basically
And so now I have a subject for my post this Wednesday and you poor darlings weren't neglected yet again!!! *cheers and throws cookies all over you*

So here's the rules, because for some reason THERE ARE RULES FIR EVERYTHING???!?!?! Seriously! I mean, what did orange juice even DO???!?! I'm super curious!! Everyone is constantly shaking it, poor thing. (EH? EH? EHH?? SEE WHAT I DID THERE? GOSH I'M HILARIOUS!!)
#1… Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog This is two rules in the disguise of one, I am DISGUSTED!!

#2… Answer the 11 questions the said person asked you in this here cross examination. And now we're ANSWERING questions, EW!

#3… Nominate 11 other people, and interrogate THEM in return for the evilness done to you. Again. Two…

An Adventure to Remember- Prologue and Entry 1

The (mostly) true story of a missionary girl...
It was the beginning of their seventh year as missionaries. Autumn had fallen upon America. Mr. A. Wind began his blowing with gusto. The trees turned their leaves red and yellow as they aged. The apples ripened as Jack began to dance upon the ground, leaving frost in his wake.  It was this that she left.  The weather was warm, occasional downpours of rain outside and through slits in the roof it dripped. The hot capital, the cooler town. The slight breeze of Mr. S. Wind blew lightly.  It was this that she came to.  At Christmas time, she left and visited her grandparents.  She spent her birthday with her cousins in February.  She went back to the place in March, and there she has stayed till the point where our story begins. 
This is the story of a girl in a big family, in Central America, in the blue-green planet called Earth.  And this is the adventure of her life. 

Entry 1 4/3/17
Meg has come to the devastating realization today that she is two …

My Face When- Lord of the Rings

Welcome to another My Face When! I think you guys liked the last ones, so here ya go! Enjoy!

My face when I said I would post on Wednesday and it's Friday already. (Oh.. you noticed that, did you?)
Your face when I say I will post on Wednesday and it's Friday already...

My face when I finish a book  and the sequel isn't out yet. 
My face whenever I do math.

My face when my siblings are saying the same thing over  and over and over and over and I say "The next person to say that will get a smack!"  and then my dad says it...
My face at the end of Poldark season 1. (Spoilers)
My face when I wants- wait a second that isn't even a face! Who is writing this thing??