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The Blood Rave- I mean RACE! Race, I definitely said race.. .... though I'm definitely going to rave about it.... A Book Review



And I'm enlisting your help for this post because you have to ask me questions and I will read your mind and write them here and answer them.
Or, you know, I'll just pretend to be you and ask a bunch of questions in your squeaky voice as you wipe your nose on your turtle necked t-shirt and spew waffle/brownie crumbs all over my freshly vacuumed floor.

Gosh darn it, I cleaned it last year!!! Some people have no respect for other people's property. *pointed glare*


The Blood Race is a book about AWESOMENESS, where AWESOME people do AWESOME things, and some not so AWESOME things, and I wanted to kill some people, and in case you forgot what I'm talking about- IT'S AWESOME. THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.


Dear Lovelies

My dearest lovely readers,
I just have a couple of things to tell you in this post, so it's not long.

-I CAN COMMENT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! which means be on the lookout for a myriad of comments from Yours Truly, and hopefully a lot more interacting and conversation and blah di da di da

-Also, let me apologize for not posting last week. We were traveling and i had no time whatsoever!! SORRY!

-Random, but I just got back from a trip to the library, and I only it 16 books. SIXTEEN! I didn't have time to get more...
*distant sobbing*

-Most of these books were school books so... Cool? And not so cool.

-I DID get the Illiad which I am SO excited about!!!

-And a book about the Brontës and a different one about the Inklings.

-So yeah

-One last thing of note. My Adventure Entries have been from months ago because I wanted it to be in chronological order, SO this month and next month too probably if I don't have anything else to post about on Wednesdays I will be doing two Adventure Ent…

Entry 8 *EDITED*

It has come to my attention that you human beings, not living in my family, do not know the names of my siblings.
This is ridiculous.
You should be able to read my mind through the light emitting screen you are currently reading this on.
I will write a letter to your teacher immediately complaining about their terrible teaching.

But first I will introduce you to my family.

Abi- my eldest sister. Married and not living with us anymore...... 21
Ellie- lives in England and about to get married to a nice British chap..... 20 (I think?)
Mia- lives in England and pretty boring ;P...... 19
Peter- just moved out of the house..... 18
ME- the awesomest blogger in the History of Ever....... 16
Rachel- my sister who makes chocolate and is actually starting a blog about it and I will command as your sovereign leader ask you nicely to visit whenever she actually puts it up and possibly also follow her and comment on every one of her posts and tell her what I darling sister I am...... 14
Anne- draw…

A Sniplet of Something I Wroted Right Now

It's random I know, but I would be late otherwise. I'm sorry I haven't replied to your guy's comments either! Blogger won't let me but I'm trying to work on it. Just be sure to click the Notify Me box thing so you can know when I reply. 
This is a story I started writing a few minutes ago. Enjoy

As we sit, roasting in the car, I find myself in the precarious predicament one usually finds oneself in when one's little sister's best friend's cousin left the car door open, and there is no battery. “Darn you, sister's best friend's cousin!” I mutter under my breath and check my phone for texts. I texted Jordan thirty minutes ago and he still hasn't shown up. I am slightly vexed by this. Okay slightly more than vexed. But wouldn't you be?? I get out of the car and lean against it, letting the sunlight bathe me. It's hot, but a slight breeze has picked up now. I hear the girls bickering and giggling in the car and grimace. Little sister…

Entry 7

4/26/2017 The puppy whines and pulls on the little rug with his teeth. He soon tires of this pursuit and whines again. The little boy plays with him for a moment. I help dad, fetching and carrying, and stammering over words with my limited Spanish asking for a piece of paper for dad's list. He really likes lists. I do too, now that I think of it. I wonder why.
“Esther can look for it.” Dad says just now, and I turn to look. “For what?” I ask “A coupler.” Peter says matter-of-factly. “What the heck is that?” I ask, a little annoyed at his abundance of helpful information. He comes over a finds it himself a second later.
The little boy who gave me the paper is making car noises and crashing noises and drawing on a dry erase board. He's an okay kid. Douglas is talking to the ladies who are working in the kitchen. They are making lunch. The puppy is chained to a pole, and when I come near he puts his paws up on my leg and licks me like crazy. I'm fine with dogs. Ish. As long as I am the boss …

A Music Review- DUSTIN O’HALLORAN the edition

Hello m’darlings!! And how are we this fine morn- er, afternoon?? I hope you’re good and In the Mood (hehehehe see what i did there?? #genius) for some music reviews because that’s what you’re getting.
As you should have read in the title of this post, this is Dustin O’Halloran edition. To get starting let me state that Dustin O’Halloran is basically the best pianist of ever.
He has piano solos as well as movie soundtracks so that is really great! If you want just piano, listen to the CDs Piano Solos 1, Piano Solos 2, and Vorlerben. The other CDs I have only listened to a few of the songs, so you’re mostly on your own there. BUT! Unless I am completely mistaken, all his music is instrumental so you should be fine. His music is EXTREMELY inspirational and… I dunno, feels sort of nostalgic. Personally, I love this kind of music. My favourites of his songs are:
Opus 37 Opus 38 Prelude No. 3 Opus 18 Opus 54

to name a FEW. Honestly, I love all his songs.
Actually, I wrote my second finished boo…