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Ai! Gi suilon!

Hello All...
Pedig edhellen?1 Ai, gi suilon!2Gi nathlam hí!3 If you couldn't already tell, I love to speak, well- write, Elvish! And that leads me speak of to one of the most brilliant authors of all time: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. He invented the Elven tongue, and I think it is... just... the best! Well, back on topic: You are Welcome Here! After much consideration, I have decided that the point of this blog is merely to give some of my friends an update on myself and my family, and also to give me a reason to write! I love to write. Stories, poems, parodies, you name it, and I can do it (or at least try)! I think that my blog will help me to just get my writing done. I find I work better with a deadline. So, regardless if anyone reads this or not, I will still Indefatigably (which means persisting tirelessly) Scribble away and hopefully become a better witness to God's glory!! And that closes this evenings topic, Boe i 'waen 4 Galu,a Novaer! 5 
Oh, and as a parting gift I…