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Blogger Recognition Award, Bloggiversary, Announcement

Aaye, humans!! As you can see from the title of this post, there is lots on the agenda! So let´s get cracking!

Me: why do people say that? Get cracking what?
Myself: probably jokes... about squirrels. Did you see that? See what I did there? YES! I AM THE BEST AT THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I: *politely claps*
Me: *rolls eyes*

Now, now girlies! Be nice, or I'm making you be silent for the rest of these posts!
Very good, that´s better!

First order of business: Blogger Recognition Award!!!!!!!!! I was tagged by lovely miss Rae! I order you fiends to check out her blog HERE and follow her because she is the best. And her blog has a lot to do with Period Dramas and Jane Austen and other amazing authors like that!!! So, yep, check it out.

Here are the rules for this here blogging taggaroonie:

Thank the blogger who tagged you. Tell a little bit about how you started bloggingGive two pieces of advice for new bloggersNominate 15 other bloggers
Sorry, but I just love this gif to death. Ahem.

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