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Hello everyone! And how are we all today? Just brilliant I am sure!
So, I have a couple of announcements,  first off, I am going camping at a lake and woohoo! What fun! Excpet it isn't really camping because it is going to be in a house thingy. Ah well. It will still be fun!

Next! I am going to be participating in Fantasy Liturature Camp, hosted by Kathryn (totally go check out her blog, people!) So today's topic will be the project I was assigned. By the way, I am part of Team Dragon,  and I will put the button up someday soon, but not today, Zurg,  because I can't figure it out! (Help, please!?) Actually I will be! Ta-da!!!!!! (THANKS KATHRYN!)

So, todays project:
Create a fantastical creature! Describe it on your blog-what would it eat, what does it look like, and does it have any special powers? Make it as detailed as you want. You can draw a picture of it for five extra points. 10pts, 15pts with picture
So, I don't have time for a picture today, sadly... but I will d…