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Why Is It That I Don't Post and Then When I Do I Just Dump Things All Over You And Leave You With Your Head Spinning And Hopefully Laughing Too??

What is the answer to the ridiculously long title of this post???
Beats me.
Does that mean I will stop the dumping and twirling and joking??? Absolutely not, my dears, absolutely not. *pats your head fondly*

Well my friends, I am back with a LONG post and a lot of things on the agenda! For my last post I just posted a random thing that has been sitting in my drafts- and hoped you all would laugh! It seems to have worked! HOORAY FOR ME!

Me: and Us.
Myself: Always us!
I: Hello, ALL!
Me: Missed me? HA! don't answer that, Myself, they did.
Myself: *innocent eyelid blink* of course darling, of course.
I: *sighs*

Yes yes, they missed you- shush.
Okay, so I HAD a post all made out for the holiday season and our time in Nicaragua- but I didn't post it... for a reason I have yet to discover??
Ahem. Yeah.

First on the list, does the blog look different to you????? THAT'S BECAUSE I HAD IT REDECORATED BY- YES!!! YOU GUESSED IT!!!! THE ONE AND ONLY ALLIE TAYLOR!!!!
Again, she has done …