Friday, February 10, 2017

Why Is It That I Don't Post and Then When I Do I Just Dump Things All Over You And Leave You With Your Head Spinning And Hopefully Laughing Too??

What is the answer to the ridiculously long title of this post???
Beats me.
Does that mean I will stop the dumping and twirling and joking??? Absolutely not, my dears, absolutely not. *pats your head fondly*

Well my friends, I am back with a LONG post and a lot of things on the agenda! For my last post I just posted a random thing that has been sitting in my drafts- and hoped you all would laugh! It seems to have worked! HOORAY FOR ME!

Me: and Us.
Myself: Always us!
I: Hello, ALL!
Me: Missed me? HA! don't answer that, Myself, they did.
Myself: *innocent eyelid blink* of course darling, of course.
I: *sighs*

Yes yes, they missed you- shush.
Okay, so I HAD a post all made out for the holiday season and our time in Nicaragua- but I didn't post it... for a reason I have yet to discover??
Ahem. Yeah.

First on the list, does the blog look different to you????? THAT'S BECAUSE I HAD IT REDECORATED BY- YES!!! YOU GUESSED IT!!!! THE ONE AND ONLY ALLIE TAYLOR!!!!
Again, she has done an amazing job, seriously go check out her blog!! 20 out of 10 star rating!!!!! Link here: BLAHAHAHA
This may seem abrupt, but I will probably be renovating this blog AGAIN. Because I feel like it? Tell me what you like, what you would like me to add. I could add popular posts of mine or buttons on the sidebar or I DUNNO.

I also want to mention how AWESOME and COOL being part of a team- that is, Nicaragua was!!! I must confess, I found myself lacking in brain occupying activities, but I loved being there, and I didn't actually mind learning Spanish, and I can't wait to go back. Let's see if  I get around to adding pictures in here... probably not, seeing as it's me we're talking about.

We also went to the One Thing conference last year and it was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! I can't say exactly what or why or how, but duuuude *shakes head* it was gooood. So, if you're ever around KC the last four days of the year, and are interested in a frankly awesome expierence, and love praise and worship to God, well then GO! it was Fantastic! Umm... that pretty much sums up all I got to say! I really hope you all are doing fantastic, but if you aren't, drop a comment- you don't have to say why or what, but I would love to pray for you! Cuz Jesus is spanking awesome, and you won't regret it, I promise. Or else I'll resign as president of the New England chapter of Busybodies Anonymous. (that was from White Christmas, in case you were wondering)

I did NOT, in fact, reach my goal of 100 books due to the serious lack of books to read, but I made it pretty close and here is a list of some of the great books I enjoyed:

  1. Fangirl
  2. The Irresistible Revolution
  3. Theophilos
  4. The Help
  5. The Serpent King
  6. Chasing Vermeer
  7. The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency, The Case of the Missing Moonstone
  8. Kenny and the Dragon
  9. Flora and Ulysses
  10. The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens
  11. The Trials of Apollo, The Hidden Oracle

And those are probably my favorites, or some of them anyway!! The links all go to the Goodreads page- you can read my reviews if you would like.

I have a new thingy I am doing!!! For those peoples whose birthdays have happened in the month I am posting, I shall put in a little something about it- to celebrate their lives and force you to check out their fabulous blogs!! Two birds with one stone, ya knows?

Dear Naomi had a birthday- and you MUST check out her blog HERE. I enjoy her posts immensly, and Happy Birthday to Her!! 

N is for Nonsensical- in the first-rate kind of way
A is for Always, always always fun
O is for Original- have you read her posts?
M is for Melodic, a sunny kind of song
I is for Indefatigable, other names fall short.

Naomi, you are really really awesome, and keep it up!

The other person who had a birthday recently is Cait!!! Her blog is AQUI. She is FANTABULOUS too, and her posts are magnificant.
Happy Birthday to Her Too!

C is for Cake, what else, may I ask?
A is for Amazing, she really really is
I is for Imaginative, and sparky and fun!
T is for Tireless, as we all can tell.

Cait you are amazing, no less, but yes, much more.


If any of you sweethearts have any other birthdays coming up, or know of someone who needs a weird little poem written about them- send them my way! I'll do my best!!

And now, don't worry. I will be boring you with some closing remarks on politics and the World Grass Growing Pact- HA! Not.
What a boring waste of space, in my already boringly wasted blog!! (oh, a little hint for you: I made up the WGGP. I hope..
And as for politics.. lets just say I leave that to the other human beings of this world. I have no interest whatsoever.)

In reality, my closing remarks regard

  • A Vlog- it's Q and A, folks, so ASK ME ALL THE THINGS YOU'VE BEEN DYING TO KNOW. Note: if you wish, you may specify to whom you are asking: E, Me, Myself, or I. If you don't I will just let whoever have a go at it. (Thanks Abbiee, for the idea!!)
  • A Song- sorry guys, I will post it soon!! I promise. Actually, probably two songs. I also have a long list of songs I WANT to cover, so hopefullly in this coming year I will be doing more. If you want me to cover a song- go ahead and tell me, I'll see what I can do!!! Just so you all know, I am doing The Call by Regina Spektor right now, a single of my own (speaking of singles check THIS one out!!! it's to die for), which will be accompanied with a blogpost explaining why I wrote it! Then I will do A Thousand Years, and Wonderful Wonderful Day from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers will probably be next. So tell me!! I would love to do whatever you guys want. 
  • I think that is it!! Thank you for staying with me, my darling faithful followers! You all are, in all honesty, amazing, and I could not ask for more kind and loving peers. 

Me: You aren't going to cry are you?

  • what???? NO. *swipes eyes hurridly*
Myself: Good, because it's time for a joke. Who is ready for this????
I: *groans*
Me: that's it I'm leaving.
Myself: What's brown and bushy?
I: Um... a squirrel's tail?

*sighs* *face-palm* What did I do to deserve this?

Oh yeah, here are the pics, courtesy of my little sis:


Namaare Melonamin, 

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