Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Face When- BBC Robin Hood

Hi guys!
I am SUPER excited for this one!!! Because I LOVE BBC Robin Hood!!! The gang is just my FAVORITE in the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, here you are!
Note: if you have not watched BBC Robin Hood.... well there are no spoilers ahead. But you really should watch it. It is so.... awesome. Except season 3. Ignore that. And if you have, you should know how amazing it is, and GO YOU!

My face when I kill off one of my characters that I really loved. 
(What have I done?!)

My face when Mum says I can be done with school for the day.

My face when I am trying to do a cartwheel.
Epic Fail.

My face when I am reading some of my stories from years ago.
(*cringes* What even is this?!)

My face when my younger sister decides to clean my room for me.
(NO!!! I had everything perfectly messy!!!!)

My face when I am singing veggietales at the top of my lungs, then I realize I am NOT the only person in the room.

My face after I do a perfect cartwheel.

My face when I just get all ready for a free afternoon of fun and then I am told that we are having people over in an hour.

My face when my sister and I were arguing and SHE gets in trouble for it. 

My face when I see one of my siblings sleeping.
(I wonder how many crayons I can fit in their nose. Hehehehe)

My face when I am reading a book, and it is really tense and then... 

And then:

My face when my little sister is dressed in a dorky mismatched outfit again, IN. PUBLIC.
(Where did you come from?)

My face when I say a really awesome quote and people actually get it.
(Do you love me?!)

My face when my sister has to do my chore for me.

My face when I remember I had to turn in an assingment today.
And I didn´t do it.

My face when people say they don't like sarcasm, Lord of the Rings, or BBC Robin Hood.
(Guy (standing): can I shoot them?
Sherriff (sitting): I thought you'd never ask)

My face when people say they do like sarcasm, Lord of the Rings, or BBC Robin Hood.
*proceeds to talk their ear off*

My face when I got FIVE math problems right in a row!!
(You who do Khan acadamy will understand this)

My face when my friend is ranting about some book or movie that just came out.
("Never heard of it.")

SO that is all I got for ya! Hope you liked it! Here is a last picture and a gif to wrap up this post.

Love Djaq, love season 2, love that part

(Robin's faces are THE best!!!)

I don't think this was as long, or funny as the last one, sorry! Tell me what you thought!!!
Namaarie Mellonamin!

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