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Friday, September 22, 2017

Entry 13

(Note: No animals or ears were harmed in the writing of this entry…
(also, this is more of a collection of random events from the day instead of a story)

I frantically write down the story idea I just got from my dream.

“I’m Jess, pleased to meet you.” He says, sticking out his hand.
“Pleased to meet you too.” Alisha says, and smiles slightly. His hand is cool, he has a firm grip. His fingers are long- just like the rest of his limbs. Heavens he’s tall.
Mira smiles sweetly,
“Well, I think-” her phone starts ringing. It's the theme song from Poldark. “Sorry guys.” She says and then walks a few feet away and starts talking into her phone.
“Hey Brody! I-”
Jess clears his throat, and Alisha turns her gaze up up up to his face, letting Mira fade into the background.
Alisha pushes her bangs behind her ear and hopes this isn’t as awkward for Jess as it is for her. She bites her bottom lip and makes her eyes go wide and loop around the room just for something to do.
Jess laughs outright.
“I know, right?” He says genially. “I don't know what to say either.”

I am just getting back to my prayer time when I look up at Annie on her bunk bed. She is grabbing Ophelia by the scruff of her neck.
“Anne!” I yell, “Be nice to Ophelia!”
She looks at me and says,
“She needs to know that we- that us- that the Eckstine's are bosses, not cats.” She leans in close to Ophelia’s face.
“We’re the boss!” She says. “Okay, Ophelia? We’re the bosses!”
“Anne, it's like Fin: ‘I'm in charge now! I'm in charge, Phasma, I'm in charge!’” I laugh.
She shakes Ophelia gently,
“Yeah Ophelia, I'm in charge now!” Then she sets her down on the barstool by the bed on the floor.
As Anne passes gets down and passes me, I hold my breath and pretend to be dead.
She doesn't notice.
“Anne! I was being dead over here and you didn't he notice!”
“Oh.” She says over her shoulder. “Woops.”
“I do that a lot. I just pretend to be dead. If I really died just randomly you guys wouldn't notice for 24 hours.” I observe somewhat blithely.
“I know!” Anne says.

“No, nachamama! Nachamama, Ophelia! Hey, will you be still, or do  have to hold you and kiss you. And call you Ophelia?”
Ophelia mews.
“Okay! I guess I have to hold you and kiss you and call you Ophelia.” I hear exaggerated kissing sounds.
“Oh look a cockroach.” Anne says.
“Where?” Becky says, looking down from her bunk bed.
“Is it alive or dead?” Mum asks from the kitchen.
Isaac comes in to exclaim and get rid of it.
“Aw Anne look!” Becky says, “She's being so cute! Get up here and look! She's just laying in my hands! Ophelia, are you tired now? Tired from all that running around? And sleeping in the morning?! Bazooka Jane would never do that.”
Ophelia mews in protest.
“Say please. Say please Ophelia.” Then to Anne: “I make her meow and then I put her down.” She then sets Ophelia down.

“There’s only a slight malfunction.” Bridget says in her fake British accent.
Oh goody.
Playing Star Wars yet again.
Not that that is a bad thing.
It is Star Wars after all.

Peter comes up to Meg on the top bunk, growling and roaring.
“Noooo!!!! Petehl you're scawing me!”
“Oh I'm sorry.” he says.
“Yo sowy?”
“Yes, for scaring you.”
“Fo scawing me?”
She leans down and hugs Peter around his neck.
“I wuv yo!” She says and then answers herself. “I wuv yo too!  Can I kiss yo fowhead?”
I glance over just in time to see her pucker her lips and kiss Peter's forehead.
I nearly died of adorableness overload.

I go to the living room where greetings are thrown this way and that in proper spanglish fashion.
“Buenos dias!
“Buenos dias.”

“Cywano! Do not escape!” Meg say sternly.
“Run for your life!” I call
“Quick Cyrano, bite ‘er then run!” Peter says.
“Stawp escaping!” Meg says.
“Hey Cyrano! Password!” Peter grins and Cyrano promptly licks Meg’s leg.
“There Margaret, now you have to put him down. He did the password.”
Meg doesn't answer us and gets off her chair holding the bunny. She puts the furry animal on the chair and picks up the chair and carries it away.
“Meg, he's gonna escape.” I tell her.
Then Cyrano escapes.
Meg chases him around for a while and gets extremely annoyed when he goes behind a chair.
“Cywano!” She cries.
“Be nice to that bunny.” dad says.

Peter and Becky laugh quietly as they watch Rachel play with Ophelia. Mum listens as Paul talks about a priest in a nearby town. Bridget lounges and frowns as if thinking very hard about something. Dad is getting his praise and worship songs ready for prayers. Meg sits with Cyrano, Isaac is playing something in the corner. Paul and Ms. Bing sit with their baby in a stroller, Douglas and Ninoska share a couch, and I sit in this corner, rocking and writing this all.

I see Ezekiel going to Isaac with a scorpion.
“Isaac!” He says it like ee-sack.
I swat at a fly by my head.
“Look he has a scorpion!!” Guess Who exclaims.
“Isaac, anything he does is not cool, just because he does it.” Peter says drily and we laugh.
“Hey Isaac, make it bite him!” I tease.
“It can't sting it can only bite.”
“I know, that's why I said bite not sting.”
Just now Meg runs up.
“Petehl! Thews a scohpian!!”
Peter gasps in mock astonishment.
“Its ginowmus!”
“That big??”
Then she tells me almost the same thing. I add a few screams to make it scarier. Then she keeps walking slowly to me and whispering “scorpion” while I flourish a new scream at the end of each.

“Esthew!! We found a fwog!”
I scream.
“Do you wike baby fwogs?” She ask,
“No!” I yell.
She walks off, as if I’m a lost cause.
Probably am.

Peter and Rachel are gutting and scaling fish.
“I don't want to get cwoser to dose scawy eyes.” Meg says.
“Are you gonna do a fish?” Rachel asks.
“Dunno. I’m gonna have to cook ‘em so hopefully not.”
You?” Rachel and Peter ask incredulously.
“Well I am lunch person. Aaand I’m a perfecook. Rachel sighs, partly annoyed and partly amused.

We’re watching the Lego Movie- MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER BTW.
For some reason my siblings don’t see t as that great.

“Come with me if you wanna not die!”
(just had to add this tiny entry. BECAUSE THE LEGO MOVIE HELLO.)


  1. OH

    I don't know what it was about this post in particular, like next to your other journal entries, but I enjoyed this one even more than usual. Like, I'm not sure why, but this one was just--perfect. It was thoroughly captivating and delightful.

    1. Is that the story idea (with Jess and Mira and all) or something that happened?
    2. Nobody but nobody is a cat's boss except themselves, and they are the boss of everything and everyone around them. Fact. Sorry, little Anne. Hopefully Ophelia is obliging enough to pretend :D
    3. That is SO CUTE with Peter and Meg. Is Peter older or younger than you? And is Meg the youngest? (Um, if you don't want to put that info pubic, you can just include it in your next email. Can't remember how particular you are about your siblings' ages.)
    4. The rest of the entry is perfectly funny and fun and cute and amazing.


    1. Thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed.

      Yeah this scene happened in a dream so I just wrote it down and will use it as a story maybe someday??

      It is true! Ophelia is very much the boss, though Anne likes to think she is. They are very alike in that sense of entitlement and queenship.

      Peter is older than me by a year and a bit (18) and Meg is the youngest at 3 years old.
      I mean, I probably should be less conspicuous about all our names and ages, but honestly I don't think anything bad will come of it. I may be a little too trusting?? I DUNNO.

      I love it too. Just reading it again brings back the good times. I'm so glad I decided to do this.

      Thank you for your comment!!!!!!! You're the bestest of the best!!!!!!!!


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