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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Sniplet of Something I Wroted Right Now

It's random I know, but I would be late otherwise. I'm sorry I haven't replied to your guy's comments either! Blogger won't let me but I'm trying to work on it. Just be sure to click the Notify Me box thing so you can know when I reply. 
This is a story I started writing a few minutes ago. Enjoy

As we sit, roasting in the car, I find myself in the precarious predicament one usually finds oneself in when one's little sister's best friend's cousin left the car door open, and there is no battery.
“Darn you, sister's best friend's cousin!” I mutter under my breath and check my phone for texts.
I texted Jordan thirty minutes ago and he still hasn't shown up. I am slightly vexed by this. Okay slightly more than vexed. But wouldn't you be??
I get out of the car and lean against it, letting the sunlight bathe me. It's hot, but a slight breeze has picked up now. I hear the girls bickering and giggling in the car and grimace. Little sister's best friend's cousins are the bane of my mortal existence and for some reason there are more than seven of them.
No one sane would have more than seven children- especially girls. It's ridiculous.
Also a dream of mine. I want twelve children at least.
“Cassie!” My sister yells in a rising crescendo.
“Julia!” I return in the same tune.
“I'm going to be late for Jenny's party!”
“Well, seeing as I can't do anything about that, there's really no point in telling me.”
She groans and slumps in her seat in frustration.
“I can't even get service here and I wanted to watch a video!” She whines.
Great now we don't have service? I had it a second ago! I get out my phone, and find Julia is right.
“Contamination!” I say through gritted teeth. It's my version of swearing. Say another word that sounds like it, but also sounds dorky to be yelling so I end up feeling better.
Works every other time?
It's exciting.
I lift my phone and try to find signal again.
“Cassie, you really need to get us out of here. Why won't the stupid car start?” Whines Julia's best friend's cousin. I scowl at her.
“Oh I don't know, maybe someone left the car door open and drained the battery. Or maybe the stupid car just doesn't like-” a car drives up and idles, drowning out the rest of my sentence. I finish it anyway. “Doesn't like stupid girls riding in it.”  
I stand and walk over to the car.
“Speak of the devil.” I say.
“Really? I'm honoured you speak of me.” Jordan leans out of his window.
“Not really. But I was about to think about you.”
He snorts with laughter.
“Alright, let's get your car started again. Battery again?”
“How did you ever guess?” I scowl and he gets out of his truck with jumper cables.
“You have Julia and Angela with you. Of course it's the battery.”
“Ugh don't speak her name!”
“Shall I hold your phone or will you refrain from throwing it again?”
“I think your face would make an excellent target.” I pretend to throw my phone at him as he connects our cars with the cables.
“Ha. Ha. Ha.”

Namaarie Mellonamin!!


  1. LOL this was SO great. I literally laughed out loud. :D
    Jordan sounds pretty awesome. ;D
    Loved this whole thing. Little sister's/brother's best friend's cousins are really . . . interesting. :P I've had experiences with them myself. lol
    Also, "contamination". I am totalllyyy going to start saying that. :D
    Keep up this fantastic writing, Esther! You always, always cheer me up. <3

    xx Sophy

    1. EEEEK REALLY????? I'M SO GLAD!!!!!
      *sighs happily* he does that. I really can't wait to write more of him!
      Hahaha they are aren't they! I've not had that exact thing, but I've had cousin's best friend and that was definitely interesting.
      Hahaha YES!! I started saying it a few days before I wrote this, so I thought I'd slip it in. I like to give all my main characters some aspect of my own character.
      I'll try!!! I do have a reputation to uphold now, don't I? ;P
      THAAAANKSSS FOR COMMENTIIIING!!!!!!!! (that was sung btw. I sing in my comments. sometimes....)


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