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Friday, July 14, 2017

Entry 8 *EDITED*

It has come to my attention that you human beings, not living in my family, do not know the names of my siblings.
This is ridiculous.
You should be able to read my mind through the light emitting screen you are currently reading this on.
I will write a letter to your teacher immediately complaining about their terrible teaching.

But first I will introduce you to my family.

Abi- my eldest sister. Married and not living with us anymore...... 21
Ellie- lives in England and about to get married to a nice British chap..... 20 (I think?)
Mia- lives in England and pretty boring ;P...... 19
Peter- just moved out of the house..... 18
ME- the awesomest blogger in the History of Ever....... 16
Rachel- my sister who makes chocolate and is actually starting a blog about it and I will command as your sovereign leader ask you nicely to visit whenever she actually puts it up and possibly also follow her and comment on every one of her posts and tell her what I darling sister I am...... 14
Anne- draws people and writes stories (read: makes me write them for her)...... 12
Bridget- currently shares a room with me, but never actually sleeps in her bed....... 11
Becky- super shy and quiet- until you get to know her...... 8
Isaac- the king of loud, annoying, and repetitive noises..... 7
Meg- the baby of the family. Adorable, sweet, and overly bossy..... 3

p.s. sorry about the mixup of posts!! I accidentally did entry 8 twice instead of this last week. woopsies!


  1. Haha this was great. :D All of your siblings sound very similar to mine! I love, love all of your names. I'll bet Beatrix is going to be just like Meg. ;D

    Sophy of

    1. THANKS!! Haha I've noticed that, actually! Thanks! My parents did a pretty good job. Awww yes!!!!
      Ugh even though I've never met you, but I always want to say that I miss you and/or Bea!
      That definitely needs to change ASAP. How does tomorrow sound? XD


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