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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

PictioPromthing Strikes Yet Again...

Here it is folks! I thiiink the post said only like 500 words and this is 600 something, BUT WHATEVER. IF I HAD MY TRUSTY PITHFORK MAYBE I WOULD ABIDE BY RULES. AS IT IS, I DON'T SO, YEAH. WHATEBER*  
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*I also refuse to spell correctly

You know you fail at decorating when you decorate your baby sister’s cake to look like a chicken- and she screams in fright when she sees it.
Or actually you know that your best friend sucks at decorating when he decorates your baby sister’s cake to look like a creepy chicken.
“Dude! What the heck??” I yell. He opens his mouth in a fake smile. Like Santa in Santa Clause 2.
I cross my arms and tap my foot on the floor.
“You freaked her out!” I accuse.
“Woops!” he defends.
“And they all think it's my fault!”
“Um isn't it? I mean, jeez Dani, you did leave it with me.” He points out and licks yellow frosting off his finger.
I march up to him with my arm poised to punch him and he cowers.
“I'm sorry! Gawsh!” I hold my fist inches from his ear.
“You better be.” I growl. Then I glance at the cake sitting on the counter again and grimace.
“Dude this is horrific.”
“I know.” He says, quite unrepentantly.
“It's not my birthday!”
“I said woops! For a girl, you’re not very sweet and forgiving.”
“Whoever said girls were sweet and forgiving was an id-” I pick the gooey candy eye up and stare at it, then throw him an accusatory glare.
“Where’d you get this?” I ask quietly.
“Weell…” He looks at some frosting at the ceiling.
“You didn't.” I whisper.
“Weell…” He says again.
“You are so dead.” I slam my fist down and he jumps.
“I know.” He sighs.
“Run.” I growl.
He scrambles down from the countertop and runs out the back door. I pop the eye in my mouth, savouring its sour taste and gummy texture.
I'm gonna kill him.

I burst out the door in time to see him running down the street and around a corner.
But I'm taller and faster than him. In a matter of seconds I run up behind him and grab the back of his shirt.
“I’m sorry!” He yelps just as I throw a punch.
“Those were my special eyes, jerkface!”
He sidesteps my kick and throws a punch of his own. I block his fist and headbutt him. Pain explodes in my forehead but I stay level.
He blinks a few times and shakes his head to clear the stars he do doubt sees.
“How many did you use?”
“Only two!”
“And you didn’t eat any?”
“Dani, just drop it! Please? I said I’m-”
A siren cuts him off, and police siren. We both whirl toward it and then break into a run.

When we reach the place the car is parked I gasp and grab Jerard’s hand.
Nat, my older brother is being walked out of my house.
“Nat!” I yell and run forward. He doesn’t look up. His hands are cuffed.
The policeman stuffs Nat’s lengthy frame into the car. I run up and pound on the windows.
“Nat! What’s going on?” I scream. The policeman puts a hand on my shoulder but I shake it off and back away. “What are you doing to my brother?!”
“I have a warrant for your brothers arrest.” The man calmly says. I clench my fists to keep from breaking the windows.
“What did he do?” I demand.
The man ignores me and gets in the car. “What did he do?” I scream after them. “Nat!”

Jerard touches my arm.
“Let's go inside.” He says. I glare at him, and he turns to go.
I want to run after him and apologize but I'm too angry. I run up the steps and slam the front door open. I storm into the living room and throw a vase on the floor. Dad, Rache and Oliver look up at me with grim expressions.
“Who was it?” I growl. “Who told on us?”


  1. LOL loved this way too much. <3 <3 <3 <3


    1. I'M SO GLAD YOU DID!! I had a ton of fun writing it, but Dani is a type of character I'm not used to working with so it was a bit odd. XD
      Thanks for commenting, darling!!!

  2. Whaaaaaatt hahahahahaahahaha Esther!!! You have such an imagination, this is incredible!! Love it, it was very amusing!!!!

    1. EEEEEP!!!!!! *FLAILS* You are too kind, m'dear!!
      Thanks for commenting!!!!!!!!


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