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Friday, May 26, 2017

Entry 2

Entry 2
This morning begins the Triduim (the three days before Easter).
I did some school which was about as interesting as a slimy piece of cheese.
I was going down from my school area in the library, when I can acrossed everyone going to the truck.
Then I learned that we were going to some kind of “thing at the church where they sell stuff, kind of like the bazaar we used to go to. Actually, it probably is a bazaar.”
Okay. Thanks for the warning.
The bazaar was small in a covered area. There were benches that looked like they used to be pews- they had definitely seen better days- and a few tables. Men and women sat on chairs behind them with various plants, fruits, or live produce on the table and tied to the table legs, respectively.
There were ducks of raven hue with red eyes and disarrayed feathers.
There were chickens pecking the ground in search of…
probably slimy cheese.
There were cacti, and little potted (more like plasticed) trees.
There were even styrofoam cups with a rice pudding type thing. It was quite good.
There were cinnamon pieces in it, and after offering a slimy piece from my mouth to Rebekah,
(she declined, strangely enough).
And was told by Peter that chewing cinnamon burns fat.
I laughed.
“Oh I should have ate mine.” Rebekah said. I laughed again, remarking
“It would burn away your bones!”
(Note: Rebekah is as thin as a stick)
Peter said, “the day you can lose any weight will be a…” I could not hear what else he said.
I'm sure it was hilarity itself.

Momentarily, Isaac came over to us clutching a tan and white rabbit in his dirty hands.
“Guys I got a rabbit!” He exclaimed.
We all expressed appreciation for this fine specimen of…
Er, rabbit.
It is extremely small, and rather cute, and we settled on the name Cyrano (yes, De Bergerac).
Isaac was quite protective, reaching for his bunny again and again when anyone else was holding it.
Rachel came back with a hen of similar hue to the rabbit. It was quite calm in her hands.
(Note: she's a chicken whisperer. No doubt)
We got up to leave shortly, and
“Dad, I got a rabbit!” Isaac exclaimed. Dad said,
“I know, I was the one who said you could buy it.”
On the way out, a man tried to tease Isaac into either selling him the rabbit, or buying his chicken from him.
“No!” Isaac exclaimed.
(Note: he does a lot of exclaiming)
We all laughed.

The trip was pleasant in the back of the truck. The wind whipped my hair, and the dust got in my eyes.
Then we got home, and Isaac exclaimed
Douglas exclaimed back in Spanish.
Then a box was transformed, quite magically, into a house for Cyrano- who, according to Douglas, is actually female.
So Isaac exclaimed her name to be “Sarah!” quite unoriginally.
I persuaded him to choose a better name.
Diana was settled on at long last, keeping with our Roman or Greek names for animals.
Or, “Die-Anna” as Meg comically refers to her.
I bunnysat her for a bit while the others galavanted about.

“I did not clip that chicken’s wings enough.” Peter announced when the black hen escaped.
It was found in a trashpile.
“It's just like General Grievous! Escape, escape, escape.” Rachel says ruefully.
Isaac rushes in, asking (in exclamation) if Diana has escaped, or eaten anything.
Now I'm off to do math (the bane of my existence) and then draw.

“That is the cutest thing I ever saw!!” Isaac has just exclaimed. “She was- she did like- she was scratching her face like this!”
He scratches his face in a not-the-cutest-thing-i’ve-ever-seen way. “Diana
scratched her face.”


  1. Oh man I loved this so much. <3 <3 You are an incredible writer!!! I really love the way you describe things and the people in your writings are so reeeaal. Keep it up! You have so much talent. <3


      Thank you so so SO much!!!!

  2. Love it, Esther!

    -The Doctor (just kidding, it's me: M.A.)

  3. Gah, I love it!!! Very entertaining!!

    1. THANK YOU DARLING!! You are too kind!!
      And thanks for commenting!!!!!

    2. THANK YOU DARLING!! You are too kind!!
      And thanks for commenting!!!!!


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