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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

YES. Yes it is! ...I think?

Because when it's 8:09 pm and you are watching Lord of the Rings and you just got minutes for your phone, the obvious thing to do is write a random blogpost with no apparent point. Right? RIGHT????
Oh... that's only me...

Myself: and Myself!!
I: and I!!!!
Me: *smirks*

Well I have you guys anyway. I guess it's fine then.

So let's make a list, because they are fun, and make me look like a semi-organized person! (Spoiler: I have no organizational skills whatsoever  I have perfect skills in everything especially organising. Me, shut your mouth.)

I will now make a list of....
What I want to post about on this blog.
I'm feeling a bit scattered and random with all my crashes of info onto you all, so I am going to try to be more consistent and actually DO something so that when I post your head doesn't spin in a million directions a million miles and hour, but instead you are given a pleasant little stay in my little corner of the blogsphere.
Here is what I want to try to do:

•Snippet Stuff
•Vlog Versions
•Serious Scatterings
•Monthly Mundanes

Hopefully once every two months or so I will change one of these blog things into a vlog! So you can see my beautiful face and I can gloat about my bad videoing skills.
Once a month I will share a snippet of my writing, whether that be my WIP or just a randomness I don't know, but it will be something.
Serious Scatterings will be me randomly getting the urge to be serious and share about life and stuff.
And then a monthly update since they seem to be all the rage.

How does that sound??
Also, I'm not sure the birthday thing was such a good idea. Only one person mentioned it in the comments so MAYBE it's a no. Is it??
Oh my gosh, look at me writing such a short post! I'M MAGNIFICENT!
Or am I?
Talk, humans.


  1. Nice post! Me, myself, and I just crack me up every time. xD
    YAY I am so excited!! Can't wait for the vlogs. :D

    lavender & blue

    1. Aw thanks! Really?? Well don't tell THEM that, they might get big heads. ;)
      Yay! Well I'll try to get the Q and A one done. You cannot believe how hard it is to get a space to myself for 20 minutes!
      So sorry I haven't been commenting, I'll do so soon I promise!!
      Thanks for commenting!!!!!

  2. Snippets sounds AWESOME!!! I'd love to read your writing! :D And a vlog sounds awesome as well!

    1. Great!! I'll be sharing soon!!! I'd love to hear your feedback! Well I'll finish that Q and A vlog for you soon.
      Thanks so much for commenting!!

  3. Personally I love your random dumps. But eeekkkkkk I can not WAIT for snippet day!!! I mean I know that I already have access to all the being pixie and joe book stuff, but I can't wait to see what else you've been working on!!!!!!!!! (Also ha you written Moe in joe book? Gimme pplllleeeaaasssseeeeee!!!!) can't wait for the clogs and monthly updates, too!

    Your odd friend, Allie Taylor

    1. I MEANT 'have' you written 'more' in Joe book. LOL

    2. Ahahaha well that's good, I'll be sure to do them every once in a while just for you!! Good!!!! Snippets are coming soon!!!!
      Egh I've written a LITTLE more of Joe book you should just read up and see if I have. I don't know how much you've read so... Just go ahead! I'll try to write more... Soon?
      Hahaha you make me smile, dear one.
      Thank you for commenting!!!!!!

    3. XD

      Oooh, okay! Do it or you shall have to watch your back. LOL Seriously, I'm going to book a flight and be on your doorstep. (Realizes how weird this might sound to others who read the comments and don't know we're friends.. eek.) anyway, don't worry about commenting!!! If you have time, do!!! But if you don't, do nooottttt stress. Okay????


    4. Hahaha I already do!!
      YES. DO. I mean that seriously, you should come visit!!! I'm sure my family won't mind, you would just have to be prepared for cold showers, hard beds, simple food, and noise. But I'm sure you're used to lots of noise coming from your own rambunctious siblings!!!
      Really though, I wish you could come!!!!
      (Also realizes the same thing and then frowns at the weirdos who are reading these, and then laughs because I read other people's comments too)
      Ugh I am beyond stress. I HAVE to comment on it tonight!!

  4. Yay!!! So good to have another post from you, and I can't wait to see all the rest!!!
    (What birthday thing? My memory fails me...and if I didn't mention it in the comments last time it's because I don't have time to write long detailed comments these days...Can you tell me what "the birthday thing" is?)

    1. I'm so glad you think so!!! I was a little worried you guys are tiring of me, but YOU ARE ALL SO ENCOURAGING AND AMAZING I JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT ALL.
      Ah! So the birthday thing was me writing a little poem, the first letter of each sentence being the name of the person whose birthday it is. I did it for Naomi, and Cait and I was going to do it once a month for whosoever birthdays it was. But I'm not suuure it was the best??
      PLEASE tell me your honest opinion. I value your advice highly, my dear!

      Gosh, every time you comment and I see your picture I just smile. I can imagine your face is JUST like Elizabeth's. Amused, and slightly confused???

    2. Ohh yes! I remember me! I think that's a really sweet idea!! Go for it; I think people will/do love it!!
      And aww, you value my advice highly? Little old me? *blushes*

      Hahaha, my face is often just like Elizabeth's when I'm reading blog posts!! Especially yours!

    3. Really?? Phew!!! *relieved sigh*
      I'm so glad!!
      Yes, I really do. You are a great blogger and a great friend!! Seriously, you are one of my blogger role models. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so understanding and wonderful and all in ALL amazing!!!

      Hehehe, I am strangely very pleased by this!!
      Possibly because I love Lizzy so much!


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