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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Snippety Snippety SNIPPETS!!!!!!!!

Well friends, it is I, your darling E, with a post of snippets just like I said!!!!!!
*confetti* Have some cake and waffles!!!!!
Now now calm down, hun, it's not that great.

So I thought I would introduce my story I shall be working on this camp nano!!
I'm not sure how well I will be able to balance this whole missions/writing thing but why not try???
So I actually only have one snippet, and it's all I've written, so sorry? But I will do more and maybe give you snippets from my other WIPs.

Without further ado,

The door opens behind me the moment the cat disappears.
“Come.” My Uncle commands from the doorway, as is his custom. I follow him inside.
His house is large and musty and a mere shadow of it's former glory.
It is filled with piles and stacks of books and papers and odd trinkets. I tried to touch them once. Then Uncle cast a spell on my fingers and they remained in an uncomfortable crossed position for an fifty-three minutes and 12 seconds. I did not like it.
Now, as I follow him, I make a conscious effort to keep my hands to myself. The way is extra dusty and full. I think his possessions move about on their own. They like to clog up passageways and cling to floors. They are rumoured to eat socks and brushes too.
It is quite a path to the Back Garden. The way changes frequently and only Uncle's maps and ingenious mind can navigate them. Or so he says.
At last. We have made it. The steps are the trickiest for Uncle to handle, but I manage very well.
The steps hang in thick air, mostly, many jumps apart and moving frequently. They move about 4 minutes and 3 seconds, but occasionally they move up to 18 milliseconds.
You must jump just before the move, and step only with your right foot, or you will fall. Uncle levitates up on his brushes, but I hop it.
People think brooms fly. It's not true. Only brushes fly, and toothbrushes are the quickest and easiest to steer.
I will get a pair as soon as I am 45.
We have made it to the top, and Uncle is opening the door. He clears his throat and indicates the door with one bushy eyebrow.
I enter.
The Back Garden is in the house itself, yet it has an extensive roof. Uncle keeps a Coughing Zebra here to keep the trees healthy. The Zebra in question is nodding solemnly to me now. I smile and wave back. Uncle clears his throat and I hurry to the only colored thing in the room.
It is a red sack in the shape of a tear drop, spiraling slightly at the top as if hung on an invisible hook.
Which of course is exactly what it is.
I sit down under the sack, and close my eyes. It is warm, so I discard my hat at scarf.
I imagine the giant from whom this year was collected. I imagine it's large nose, and it's purple right eye. I imagine it's green left eye. I imagine deep sorrow, like what I felt when I learnt San Close was real.
Then I deepen the sorrow. I see a tear forming in the green eye and I move in closer, thinking of all the pets that have died. Thinking of pets makes me think of the cat I saw this morning. Then it makes me think of a name for it. Flame. I test the word on my tongue. Then I remember what I am doing and I return to the sad giant. The giant is about to cry now. It rears its head back, opens it's mouth and- 

This is also an entry for the PictoPrompter thingy held over at Smudged Thoughts and it's basically perfection, so go over there and DO THIS WITH ME!!! HERE it is!!

Oh! And just to warn you lovely folks, I will be posting a story I am working on at random times, called An Adventure to Remember. It is the (mostly) true story of me and all my adventures from here onward. I hope you enjoy!!
Namaarie Mellonamin!
P.S. I think Wednesdays will be my posting days.
Sound good?
Tell me vat you sink of my vriting!
Yes. I did just say that in a German accent.
No, don't as me why!!!!?!!!!
Just CUZ.


  1. Ooh!!!! I love this story snippet!!! I especially love your description of the odd picture thingy-ma-bobbin for the PictoPrompter! Seriously, you described it so beautifully and vivid...

    And a Coughing Zebra??? This story is seriously golden. I can't wait to hear more! I'm guessing it's a pretty heavy fantasy? (Because of magic and giants that give out the years and Coughing Zebras and brushes and moving stairs???) and I LOVE fantasy!!! I'm so excited!

    Thank you SO much for participating!!! I absolutely enjoyed reading this!!!!

    1. REALLY????!?!?! AWW THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!
      Hahaha, I am rather fond of him myself...
      Yep! Fantastic Fantasy!! I am so glad!!! I do too, as a matter of fact, but this is my first I've ever written!!

      You are infinitely welcome, and thank YOU for commenting!!!!

  2. Omg this is a really good snippet! I'm totally intrigued to see what else you've written. ;) And ooh, PictoPrompter what tis this...

  3. Thank you so much, May!!! Hahaha I'm so glad!! I know I'll have a good audience next time!!
    Totally go check out PictoPrompter and follow Kenzie's blog because she is amazing!
    Thanks ever so much for commenting!

  4. This story sounds fascinating!!!
    (One little note. You used it's when it should have been its a couple of times...It's is for "it is" and its is for when it belongs to it. If that makes sense. Like, "Its large nose" or "It's a large nose" :p)
    But seriously!! This totally captivated me. Keep it up!! Please share more!!!

    1. Aww thank you dear!!! I'm so glad you think so!!
      Ahahaha I see what you're saying! Woopsies!! I always get those semicolons mixed up!! :P
      Thanks for pointing that out!!
      Eeep! *dances a jig* I'm so so glad you think so!! I'll probably post more after camp nano.
      Thanks for commenting!!!!


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