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Monday, July 18, 2016

My Blog's Design- A Review

Aaye Mellonamin!

And how are we today?
I: fine, thank you!
Me: molto bene!
Myself: hey did you see that squirrel yesterday?
Me: the one that the dog chased?
Myself: yeah, that thing was completely nuts!!! *roars with laughter*
Me: he. he. he.
I: that is really not funny at all

(I'll just keep going with the post. Sorry about the noise! They are like this ALL the time. Esspecially when I'm trying to get to sleep!)
So, in case you couldn't tell, about two weeks ago I got a new design!!
I wasn't satisfied with my own work, so I asked my friend Allie Taylor for help. She does blog design and oh. My. g-o-s-h. She is good. I mean, just look at this place!!
Go check out her blog! And if you need work done, ask her. She's wonderful!!!!!!!
Here is my review.
I asked for a midnight in spring feel. She gave me midnight blue font, with a silvery background. I also asked for pale green somewhere, because I LOVE the color! So, little box thingy majig around the pages, that is green. And the replies to comments are in green too. I wasn´t even sure how it would work with blue and purple, but it worked WONDERFULLY!
The design is simple and open, which is exactly what I was looking for.
Also, she made me a button and a header, which I have wanted for a while but didn´t know how to do. So far, I have not found a single deffect.
Out of five stars I give her 10. Great job, Allie! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Me: hey! She was writing the post without us!!!!
Myself: not cool, E. NOT. COOL.
I: *gasp* how could you?

Oh calm down girls, sheesh. It's just a post!

Me: I can't believe you!!!!
Myself: I oughta punch you!
I: *cries*

Um, calm down, okay? It's not the end of the world yet! He he. Right? Right?
*chuckles nervously* um, see ya people. I need to run.
Tenna' telwan!! 


  1. The blog is gorgeous! Fantastic! I really love reading your posts.

  2. I love the new design! So clean and simple and nice. WAY TO GO. :D And I also love that your blog has "indefatigable" in the title. It is just THE coolest word ever honestly. ;D
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Well, thanks! My friend Allie Taylor did it for me! I LOVE IT TOO!!!!!!

      I do too! Actually, I got the title from L.M.Montgomery! In a short biography I read about her, it said she referred to herself as An Indefatigable Little Scribbler, and I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!! Too amazing.


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