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Monday, August 8, 2016


Hello everyone! And how are we all today? Just brilliant I am sure!
So, I have a couple of announcements,  first off, I am going camping at a lake and woohoo! What fun! Excpet it isn't really camping because it is going to be in a house thingy. Ah well. It will still be fun!

Next! I am going to be participating in Fantasy Liturature Camp, hosted by Kathryn (totally go check out her blog, people!) So today's topic will be the project I was assigned. By the way, I am part of Team Dragon,  and I will put the button up someday soon, but not today, Zurg,  because I can't figure it out! (Help, please!?) Actually I will be! Ta-da!!!!!! (THANKS KATHRYN!)

So, todays project:
Create a fantastical creature! Describe it on your blog-what would it eat, what does it look like, and does it have any special powers? Make it as detailed as you want. You can draw a picture of it for five extra points.
10pts, 15pts with picture

So, I don't have time for a picture today, sadly... but I will describe it! My creature is a mix of already invented ones. They have dragon wings, and a human looking face, and human looking body, minus the dragon wings, of course. They can only breath above water for an hour or so. They live underwater, and despite their what they look like, they are very useful for swimming. They are not highly intelligent creatures,  but make wonderful messengers in the underwater kingdom. They wear clothes that Madame, the queen of the UnderRealm, gave to them. They are strictly vegan. Their powers are their photographic memories. They remember everything that they hear or see. I will try to draw a picture some other time. Well, that's it!! I can't wait to do more of these!!!! 
Namaarie Mellonim, 


  1. Photographic memories?!? CAN I PLEASE TURN INTO THIS CREATURE. I NEED A MEMORY HAHA.😂 Ahem. Anyway this sounds awesome, E! I love any sort of dragon hybrid creature and I can't wait to see the picture. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thanks, Cait! I'll be sure to post it.... soon... I think... :)


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