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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Ready for a new elvish word? (I should make a page for them all)  Well, like it or not, here goes: Lina. Which means song. 
         I was tagged by Maddie and now must do the following:

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With that out of the way: 

First song that comes to your mind: 
'Don't Stop Believing'. And guess what? I've never actually heard the real song. WHAT?! I know, shocking right? I've only ever heard people sing it. Not even the whole thing. 

A song that always makes you happy: 
I know its random, but 'The Water Buffalo Song' from Veggie Tales always, without a fail makes me happy.

A song you hate:
I cannot truthfully answer this. I dislike a bunch of songs, but I don't think I hate any. I dislike
'Gangnam Style' is the worst ever!!!  And I really don't like 'Whip My Hair'.  You start singing that, and I might just poke my eardrums to death. Or yours. Just kidding!

Favorite romantic song:
"The Boat Song', by J.J. Heller. 

A song that brings back memories:
'Into the West', sung by Annie Lennox as the credit song for 'The Return of the King'. My little sister Rebekah loved that song as a baby. No matter what was wrong, if we turned that on BOOM! she wouldn't cry for ages. I remember holding that tiny 12 or 13 month baby, rocking gently to the music. She was so adorable! 

A song you have been playing on repeat:
You will never guess... 'I Love My Lips' also from Veggie Tales. *laughs hysterically* pretty random, right?

Favorite song by your favorite artist:
'Lullaby' by J. J. Heller. It is so beautiful. Right now, she is my favorite artist. 

Weirdest song you like 
'Lydia the Tattooed Lady' sung by Groucho Marx, and Bing Crosby.This song cracks me up.

and All time favorite song:
Me: "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!? A FAVORITE?!?!? *hyperventilated breathing*
Myself: "It's just a song calm down!"
I: " Are you kidding me? just a song?! what are you talking about?!!
Me: "I can't do this! I can't do this!! Just ONE?!?!?!?!?"
I: " alright, Myself, it looks like you're on your own!"
Myself: "what? wait, guys! Actually, that's not really possible, since we're all the same person."
Me: " 'well thanks for bringing up such a painful subject! While you're at it, why don't you give me a paper cut, and pour some lemon juice on it? We're closed!!' "
I:  "I just love it when quotes like that actually work!"
Me: "I know! me too! we must be twins!" 
     Oh wait, you really want to know? well... I don't have one, is the moral of the story.  
But, I like:
'Arwen's Vigil'
'Kung Fu Cello Ascends'
'Bring Him Home'
'Jesus We Love You'
'Mission Impossible'
'Don't You Worry Child'
'Rolling in the Deep'
'By Your Side'
'East to West'
'Give Me Jesus'
'Who Can Compare To You'
'Have Mercy on Me'
'Prayer for the Church'
and 'Among the Poor' are some. If you want to know the artists, just ask later. Ta Da! I'm done.
                             Namaarie Melonim 
Oh wait, I have to tag someone else. Oops. ummmmm... how about my sister, Abi, and my cousin, Vincent


  1. I thought you might have fun with this tag if you ever got the time. :)
    Great post btw. I love the text you used. :D

  2. You're funny :-) It must be crazy inside your head with all those conversations.

  3. I agree with Sue. You are funny! I love being allowed in your head.

  4. I couldn't figure out how to comment on your blog until now! I don't know why I couldn't, I would have commented on every one of your posts. So I guess you should be thankful I didn't know how.
    Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog, and I check to see if you have a new post every time I check my emails! So please keep writing more!!:)

  5. Hey there! I just did a fun blog tag and thought you might enjoy it.


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