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Monday, November 2, 2015

Gurth, Nierme, Nwallya, a Cartel

Four new elvish words... any idea what they mean? Maybe this will help:

how can you tell?
when do they come?

is it the light gone form your eyes?
is it the slip of your mouth?
does your chin tremble?
your eyes blink?

 when do they pour? 
how can I tell,
they are coming?

is it the pink that floods your cheeks?
or is it the white that blots them?

How do I know you're thinking of him?

do I see them glisten in your eyes? 
or is it...
I'm crying too? 

Still no clue? Tears is the second word. Pain is the third. Rose is the fourth... Death is the first. 
Tomorrow my family and I enter the third month of time that my littlest brother has no longer been with us. (You can read about his life here at my parents blog.) The point of the blog post may seem obvious. I hurt. I lost my baby brother. But I don't want it to be that. I want it to be joyful. My brother, Mark-Jerzy Marcelino, got to live and breathe on this earth for fourty hours, surrounded by those who loved him. Not for a single second, was he not loved. Who am I, to wish for more? 


  1. This is beautiful, Esther. Mark-Jerzy's life means a lot to so many people. He blessed us with what time he was on Earth, and he is doing so much more for us now that he's in heaven. We're praying for you guys, and any time you want to talk to Meredith or I about it, don't hesitate!

    1. thanks Maddie, I intend to make good on your offer some time.


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