In·de·fat·i·ga·ble (of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Ai! Gi suilon!

Hello All...
Pedig edhellen?Ai, gi suilon!2 Gi nathlam hí!3 If you couldn't already tell, I love to speak, well- write, Elvish! And that leads me speak of to one of the most brilliant authors of all time: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. He invented the Elven tongue, and I think it is... just... the best! Well, back on topic: You are Welcome Here! After much consideration, I have decided that the point of this blog is merely to give some of my friends an update on myself and my family, and also to give me a reason to write! I love to write. Stories, poems, parodies, you name it, and I can do it (or at least try)! I think that my blog will help me to just get my writing done. I find I work better with a deadline. So, regardless if anyone reads this or not, I will still Indefatigably (which means persisting tirelessly) Scribble away and hopefully become a better witness to God's glory!! And that closes this evenings topic, Boe i 'waen 4 Galu, Novaer!   

Oh, and as a parting gift I shall leave you with a little story that I wrote. Enjoy! 

“Sho’ as your muthu’s livin’ I ain’t done it!” Drops cried out, glaring fiercely at the boy.
“Like I’m gonna up n’ believe that nonsense!” He yelled back “My muthus bin dead fer three years!”
“Aw, who cares wuther she’s live or died, it ‘mounts the same thing!” Drops retorted hotly.
“Does not! Yer a rotten liar! I’ve half a min’ to skin ye live!”
“Will ye now! I’ll show ye some skin, you won’t forget in a hurry!” with that the girl tackled him with all her might, pulling and panting, kicking and thrashing. There was a blur of clothes and dust till at last the boy called out: 
“Nuff! Nuff!!” and she got off him.
“Did I do it?” She yelled. Panting hard from her exertions
“No!” He whined. “Naw yer didn’t!”  She kicked him for good measure as he got up, and sent him sprawling, blubbering the whole way home. She wiped the blood off her cheek and spat, then walked on calmly, while shooting daggers with her eyes at the few kids who were staring with their mouths hung open. She glanced back one more time at the defeated boy still running, then went up the porch steps, and into her house.

Do you speak Elvish?
Hail, I greet you!
You are Welcome here!
I must go
Good luck, and farewell! 

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