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Sunday, July 15, 2018

dude i forgot to title this one too

since last i posted so much has happened. so much that i hardly know where to begin or if i can even try. i will try, though it might take more than one post. as i write, i am listening to uranus by sleeping at last and sitting in the kitchen of the community house at the mission base in louisiana, most of the lights are out, and i have two cups of tea sitting next to me that are both too sweet to drink because i accidentally made one of them much too sweet and then the second without any to help balance the first out but it's not really working.
run-on sentences, gotta love 'em.

anyway um it's late and i'm tired but i think i will put in some pictures that capture the aesthetic of my latest novel idea which may or may not be a wizard of oz retelling so yeah.  if i can find some pictures of my own then i will compile a post at a later date but i have so much to do now-a-days that this blog is going to be a little dusty. however, FEAR NOT i am not leaving for good and i will try my hardest to blog more in the coming months. thank you to all of you who have stayed with me, i love you to the moon but not back because the moon is such a lovely place to stay and i'm tired of earth so let's stay up there, hey?


but to make it up to you, here's a snippet:

When did we become so broken? the words echoed through her mind as she watched the farmland rolling by through the open window of the bus. she let her fingers dance as if they felt a piano and not empty wind pressing against their tips.

she let the cold night air send whip her hair in all directions and kept her sunglasses on even though the only brightness that could be seen for miles came from the headlights of the bus and the stars up above.

she turned her head to look at Danny and wondered again when they had become so broken. her mind went back through the miles and miles they had traveled and to all the places they had called home. 

eventually the lights of a city could be seen on the horizon and as they made their way towards it the glow of green numbers on the dash told the time to be 9:50 pm. they slowed to a stop outside an old-fashioned diner and watched the neon open sign revolve slowly on it's axis. danny penetrated the heavy silence with a sniff and then a clearing of his throat. 

"you hungry?" he asked, his voice scratchy from not speaking for so long. terra nodded and shrugged. he sighed and pulled the keys out of the ignition. "let's go then." 

they exited the vehicle and terra instinctively reached for danny's hand. he squeezed gently. "it's alright." he whispered. terra pulled on the frayed cuff of her sweater with her right hand and bit her lip. danny entwined their fingers. we're here, his said. we will protect you. the fingers on his other hand went to her face and removed her sunglasses and the hair from her eyes. she swallowed and tried to smile. he returned her smile and they entered the diner. 

or maybe two snippets just cuz

a warm yellow glow dripped like butter from everything inside the diner. there was a long bar that stretched from one end of the room to the other, with tall ancient looking bar stools. the diner was nearly deserted, except for a couple hunched over their respective laptops with a shared pair of earbuds between them, and a young man sitting on the edge of the bar, his back to the newcomers. danny stepped forward, dragging a slightly unwilling terra along with him. he sat himself and terra down on two of the stools that looked less likely to fall apart upon contact with anything heavier than a kitten. the young man turned and his eyes crinkled into a smile though his mouth remained unscathed. he held a book in his hands that he looked to be almost finished with, so few were the pages that remained to be turned.

"give me a moment so i can finish this?" his voice had a smooth musical hint to it. danny nodded and the man turned away from them once again. relative silence fell upon them, though it was a silence full of the kind of tiny clatter that no one notices until it is gone. the hum of a refrigerator, the clatter of fingers pressing keys on a computer, and the crisp sound of a page being turned. terra slowly began to relax as she got used to the environment. the general yellow light that reigned in the diner was bright but not invasive and blue fairy lights twinkled in time to a music that only they could hear. 

at last the man finished his book. he closed it with a soft sigh, and sat for a moment as if still traversing the world he had just been reading about. then he jumped off the counter and twirled around to face his costumers. 

"welcome to munchies," he said. "i just finished a book so if i act a little strange it's probably because i am still mentally traversing in the world i have just been reading about." this announcement brought a smile to danny's lips. "what can i get for you two?" the man asked. 

danny glanced down at the shiny pin fastened to the man's shirt. "glen, is it?" 

"yes." the man blinked as he said this, reminding terra of the way animated characters nod their approval of something. 

"well, glen, what's the special of the day?" 


  1. I LOVE your writing, girl! Ugggh so good. Can't wait for more posts from you. ❤️

  2. Oh wow I loved those snippets so much!! I really like your writing... I love how it's almost poetic, it's amazing :)

    Andrea @

  3. I love this! Keep writing this story so I can read it all 😊


  4. The description in the second snippet is to die for!! I LOVE IT.

  5. The snippets are awesome and so is your Pinterest board! :D Keep up the writing sis!

  6. Whoa, what? That was so good! But it left me wishing I had the whole story! Ah well, that's what snippets are for I suppose so I GUESS IT'S FINE. :D
    Seriously though, I love your writing!!!!

    And hey, you only wrote this a little over a week ago so I'm not SUPER late commenting! Yay!

    1. WOAH WHAT THANK YOU. Omg I seriously did not see any of these comments for some reason which is terrible I'm so sorryyy.

      Hahah thanks for commenting, love!!

  7. Woah girl, those words were BEAuTIFUL!
    I want more!

    elissa //

      you're the best

  8. I love these snippets!! (especially the depiction of the long silent car trip... such a strong picture.) I'd love to read more about Terra and Danny - and the connections with the Wizard of Oz. :)
    - super late, as per usual - Jem Jones 

    1. aww thank you! haha maybe I can be convinced to let you read more (when I write more *nervous laughter*)
      hey its okay if you're late I'm months late to finding this comment *face palms*
      but thank YOU FOR COMMENTING <3333


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