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Friday, December 1, 2017

the things that make me smile

        mismatched socks                                                                                     baked apples

                                                                                        finishing a story
                                                   homemade rings

lighthearted but deep songs                                                         to-do lists

                                                                                              the sound a violin makes right after it's tuned

                                                        tuning said violin

              a clean but fluffy romance

                                                              thinking of my family
 finding someone who understands me

stupid jokes that only I find funny 

                                                                                 people who laugh unapologetically 

                                    my horrid attempts at accents 

                                                                                                                  mismatched fingernail polish

stamping an envelope full of papers I put my heart into 

                                                                              Diana's (wonder woman) reaction to a baby.  

                     a two year old telling the same joke over and over


      birds flying 

                             finding out a stranger is also a fan of a book/movie/series I love 

                                                                                                               red leaves on a tree

what about you? what are things that always bring a smile to your face? 

p.s. I promise I will try to post more regularly. 
p.p.s. sorry I didn't make a header for this one, I was tired. 

I feel like my usual sign off is too obnoxious for this post so I will not do any sign of at all I'll just end this he-


  1. This was cool! It's always nice to remember the things that make you feel happy. :) Also, I love your new blog design!

    1. THAANKS!!! It is. Last night I was having rough time and my feet were cold so I went to find socks and I realized how much I love mismatched socks.
      and thus this post was born.
      (that also explains why it was posted at 10 pm)

    2. OH and I forgot to thank you for commenting!! SORRYYYY-
      Thank you for commenting!!!!!!!

  2. Yes. The sound of a tuned violin is great, I need to tune mine soon. Hugs, and socks that don't match<3 also in love with house plants for company, sleeping in, and Saturdays.

    1. It is! I found my older sister's violin and I was like "Yeah I need to study, but guess what? I'M GONNA TUNE THIS VIOLIN SO TRY AND STOP ME" it was great. And it made me miss my sister because she's in England, but it was also happy.

      thank you for commenting, Vanessa!!!

  3. I love this post! What's funny is that, yesterday, I did a post kinda like this one, before I even saw yours!

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. Thank you!! Haha that's awesome! I'll be sure to check it out.

      thanks for commenting!!!!!!!! you're the best!!!!!!!!!

  4. aww these things are all awesome. laughing so hard at the "clean but fluffy romance" LOL
    also I LOVE THE SNOW on your blog design!! totally gets me in the winter/holiday mood lol. xD


    1. they are. IT'S TRUE THO THERE IS ALWAYS ICKY STUFF!! Like, I don't mind kissing, but puhlEEAZ can you stay out of eachother's bedrooms??? YOU'RE NOT EVEN MARRIED. (sorry, it just aggravates me.) It is a funny thing to put on here though. But I like a cute little romance story!!

      THANK YOU!!!!!!! I DO TOOOOO!!! I saw it on Naomi's blog (Wonderland Creek) last year and so GOOGLE IT WAS. It's so much fun.

      THAAAANKS for commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is so darling!!! (Just like its writer :) These are such precious, happy things!!!
    It's splendid to hear from you again, dear!
    (But don't feel too bad about not posting often. It happens. I haven't posted in a little while either.)

    1. Dawww!!! YOU'RE DARLING TOO!!!!
      (ugh I feel more bad about not answering your email AGAIN. I'LL DO IT SOON I PROM- uh wait a second... okay I will TRY to do it)

  6. I tagged you in my latest post. :)

  7. This is a happy list - and I like the way you formatted it too. It kind of matches the snow falling on your blog. :)

    1. Thanks, dear! Ah right I didn't even notice! I just wanted to make it look cool and a bit whimsical.
      Thanks for commenting!!!!!


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