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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Have Changed My Mind + Pockwatch Melody

So I told you all  was doing The Call. I told myself and my family and some friends. I told the guitar and the piano and Ophelia's Uncle's third cousin 5 times removed on his mother's side that I would sing and film The Call.
Weeeellll..... I did!!
But you can't see it.
It's atrocious and I can't get it right and I really don't like it.
Instead I am going to do a different song to get this song singing thing up and running.
It's a song I just wrote the other day and I had a feeling it will be put into a future musical that does not exist at this point in time.
Or maybe it will go into my musical-in-progress called The Other Side of the Coin.
Which is not about money lenders or money makers or even barely about money!!
Okay I guess it plays a semi-important role, but WHATEBER. (I am loving this word!!)
Basically just envision a little street urchin, muddy and crying on the street.
A rich man comes up to her and asks what is wrong.
She was just made fun of by her friends for wanting to be an actress when she grows up and is utterly inconsolable until he pulls out his pocketwatch and a handkerchief and sings her the Pocketwatch Melody.
Once I get more songs up I will be putting them into albums/playlists on youtube an probably that one other thing online that I forgot the name of but might be soundcloud or something.
On that note, I wanted to mention something!
I have realized that I have been trying super hard to make my phone do professional things that it just can't do. I've been stressing and getting angry at myself and my phone for not being what I "need" it to be.
But I don't need it to be!
I've realized that the point of my making these is not for anything but fun. For myself and for you guys because some of you have asked me to.
So my videos will be far from perfect. Not even close. I'm messy, and I sway and nod and bumb around because for some reason I can't stay still when I sing.
Some day I may do better. It will be a million and two years till I ever am able to make actual albums but until then this will suffice.
                                Namaarie Mellonamin!!
P. S. I just realized that some of you probably don't know what that even means!!
It says  Farewell My Friend   in Elvish. I know I've stopped throwing around Elvish phrases but, ed' I' ear ar' elenea I don't really have the patience to look up the right phrases!!
P. P. S. Is it weird to use hashtags?? I find it kind of weird, but also fun because the you can sum up your thoughts in one word.
Like that.
P. P. P. S. YouTube and the Internet are sworn enemies so you'll have to wait till tomorrow for my new song (Pocketwatch Melody) to upload. SORRY!!


  1. Ooo ooh yay!!! I cannot wait to hear it. :DDD
    Haha and thanks for the translation for the elfin language! Love it <3
    Hashtags are rad. Don't feel bad. :) (rhymes unintended) xD


    1. Sophy Sophy my dearest, your comments make me so happy I cannot even!!!
      Thank you darling! I promise I'll comment on the ones I missed soon!!
      <3 <3


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