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Friday, June 30, 2017

Entry 6

I am soaked.
My hands feel a bit raw.
My throat burns.
My feet are muddy.
My arms are sore.
The sun feels hot on my skin.
Water droplets cling to my glasses.

What happened, you ask?  

Water happened.

We are home and I snag a muffin from the plate on my way to the back.
I swallow a bite and then go past the bathroom to Peter's room.
“You done with math yet?” I ask, hoping he is.
“Yep.” He drawls.
“Can I stealed it?” I ask, coming to his door.
He lift up the books and puts them on the edge of his bed in response.
I grab them and then leave.
On the way back, I go through the kitchen. There is a red bowl of salsa and mum has beans boiling on the stove. I lean over and smell appreciatively.
“Oh there's rice too! I didn't see that!” I say and then am met with silence.
About now is the time when I make a great joke and everyone laughs.
Nothing is coming to mind.
Then I hear Meg call me.
“Estheh can you come upstaiws with me?”
“Where are you?” I yell
“I'm going upstaiws!” she replies.
“Eh I'm too…” I search frantically for a plausible excuse. “Tired.” I say at last, and mum laughs a one syllable laugh.
Mission accomplished.
Meg is already upstairs so I go to the library to do math.



  1. Meg is so sweet. <3 <3 <3 ;D
    This was great!!! I love the last photo of you—the composition and lighting is super great. And your headscarf is so rad. :)
    I really loved the style this was written with. It feels different from your other entries and I like it.


    1. ISN'T SHE JUST??
      Thanks!! I actually took it on my phone so I am surprised by how well it turned out!
      THANKS!! I like it too.
      I NOTICED THAT!! I have no idea why, but it really is different... huh. :)
      Thanks for commenting, dearie!!!

  2. This was so cool -- and I'm super sorry that I commented on the older post first, I actually kind of thought they were the same post so...I apologize again! xP
    This was a really cute entry -- who's Meg and Peter? (Goodness I love that name!)
    Also, that last pic of you was gorgeous -- the entire feel was super nice. Keep it up!!

    Amelia xxx

    1. THANKS!! Oh don't worry about it. As you can tell, I'm replying all random too, so you're good!!
      Thanks!! Meg is my baby sister, and Peter is my older brother.
      Aww thanks!!! haha I'll try!!!
      Thank you for commenting!!!! I'm so sorry I wasn't able to answer you sooner!!!!!

  3. I love that picture of you Es. :)


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