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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cookies Anyone????

I made some cookies the other day and that was fun and awesome and cool.
This one is a bit blurry, but Meg's ADORABLE so we're good.
Some of these are a little squished, sorry about that. Or maybe it's just the mobile version's view???
Aaand that's all I got.
Since it's a new month, HERE are my goals:
  • Post on time
  • Post The Call
  • Edit Hanifail and Ceinder
  • Finish the Jackie and Joe book
  • Finish reading Consoling the Heart of Jesus
  • Send in application to Keiser University
  • Start QH
  • Reach 30 followers (!!!!)
  • Figure out how to do a cartwheel
  • Get to chapter 4 in math
  • Finish catechism book
  • Journal/Adventure Entry every day

Then to finish with a bang, here's a snippet from a story I've already finished but am dreading going through and actually editing.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, a little rougher than I meant to. He makes a pouty face
“Aw, can’t your sidekick visit you without you getting all riled up? I’m bored! What are you doing?” I contemplate letting him in.
“How do you know where I live anyway?”
A sly smile spreads across his face.
“I have my ways.” He says airily.
“You're such a creep.” I say and slam the door in his face.
Then I soften and open the door. It would be nice to have a friend. Maybe the reason I'm so alone is because I push everyone away.
“You can come in for a while, but not long.” I tell him, standing aside. He bounds in, and plops on the couch.
“Your house is cool!” he announces. “Woah! Are those puzzles on the wall?” I patiently explain. “Awesome!” he says. I text Phillip to see if Jonas can stay. For some reason, I secretly hope he says yes.
“So, what were you doing?”
“I was about to make cookies.” I tell him. Instantly, he is happy and bouncy again.
“Cool! Can I help?” he looks like a little kid.
“Umm…”  I look at my phone. Phillip hasn’t answered.
“Come on, Bea!”
“Don’t call me Bea,” I say automatically, while reading Phillip’s response.
Sure, but he can’t stay for supper
I smile.
Okey dokes!
I look up.
“Sure you can help.” I unhook an apron from the hook in the pantry, and then show him the options.
“We can make snickerdoodles, oatmeal, peanut butter, or butter pecan.” I tell him.
“Can’t we just make chocolate chip? That’s my favorite.”
I shrug.
¨Sure, but only if I can put butterscotch chips in too.¨ I go get the bag, and read the directions. Then I get out all the ingredients and lay them out in the order they go. Then I take the measuring implements and set them next to the right one. I shove the bag of chocolate at Jonas. He takes a handful and pops them in his mouth.
“No!” I say, swatting him and taking the bag. “I meant for you to read the directions! We both need to be on the same page.” I frown at him, and then take a handful for myself.
“Hey!” he complains.
I raise my chin, and one eyebrow.“Well, I’m the boss, and you’re only a sidekick. I can if I want.”
He cracks a smile and lunges at me, tickling me. I shriek and run from him, but he is fast. I fall to the ground, laughing and trying to breathe.
¨Stop! Please!!¨ I gasp out. He obeys. We both sit on the floor of the living room, chuckling and breathing hard. I punch him on the arm, but not hard. I don’t have the energy.
“Don’t you ever tickle me again!” I order him.
He salutes.“Yes ma’am.”
I stand up, and offer him my hand. He takes it, but then I lunge and tickle him. He laughs and tries to tickle me back, but I run out into the yard. He follows closely behind. I am laughing so hard, my sides ache and tears are running down my cheeks. I haven't laughed this much in ages. It feels good. Jonas and I stand face to face, both looking for an opening. I fake a lunge and he sidesteps, but I am quick, I overtake him, and tickle his neck. I push him to his knees, and he huddles up in a ball.
“I give! I give! Please, let’s call a truce!”
I stop, panting.
¨Alright.¨ I offer him my hand, and we shake on it. Then we go back inside, and make cookies. It is so much fun, (though it would have been quicker if I had done it myself) and the cookie dough tastes delicious. I make two dozen, and then put the rest into two bags. I give one to Jonas.
¨Freeze that when you get home,¨ I instruct him. ¨Then you can eat it whenever you want. It´s so good.¨
¨Isn't it bad to eat raw cookie dough?” he asks.
I shrug, “I think so, but it’s never bothered me.” I look him up and down. “But you, on the other hand, might have a weak constitution.” I hold out my hand. “You’d better give it back.”
His eyes widen. “On the other other hand, I might have a strong constitution.¨ He hugs the bag to his chest. ¨I´ll never give it up!¨ he says, then we both laugh. The timer goes off, and I get the cookies out. Jonas´ eyes get big and greedy, but I quickly set the pan out of his reach. 

So, whaddya think??
Namaarie Mellonamin!!


  1. Fave lines:
    It would be nice to have a friend. Maybe the reason I'm so alone is because I push everyone away.

    I hold out my hand. “You’d better give it back.” His eyes widen. “On the other other hand, I might have a strong constitution.¨

    Agh you really cheer up my Wednesdays, Esther!! I love seeing your photos. :D Is that you with Meg? Oh gosh you two are too adorable <3 <3
    Cookies are rad. :)

    xx Sophy

    1. Hehehehe! I love Jonas so much!!!! He's the BEST character to write with! He's probably the most cooperative character I've ever had.

      Aww I'm so glad!! Thank you!! Haha yeah, she was... "helping" me make the cookies by playing in water and dirty dishes. ;P
      They are indeed!! Now that Lent is over I want to make aaaalll the desserts of eeevver!!!!! XD
      Thanks for commenting!!!!!

  2. Omg MEG IS SOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUTE. Is she your sister??? I wish I had a sister that cute. XDD And agh, E, your writing is amazing! The lines that Sophia mentioned above are my favorites too. :)


    May @ Forever and Everly

    1. SHE IIIISSSSS SO CUTE!!!!!! Yep! My youngest sister!! Aw thanks dear!!!! Eek! You girls are too nice!!
      <3 <3

  3. <3 I love reading your posts, dear!

  4. Awww I'm so glad!! And I so love when you drop by to encourage me!! You really do.


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