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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Entry 10

-After a fifteen or so minute drive, during which we chatted and complained and laughed as only siblings can do, we arrived.

-The water is beautiful and cool touch. The beach strewn with pebbles, glass and various pieces of garbage.
-Due to an unfortunate coincidence with a malady of unusual length, I am unable to swim, but I watch the others with pleasure.
-The sun beats down upon us as Meg tells mom, shaking her little finger,
“I'm going to find two mowah wocks!” she picks her way along the shore to the water, her arms raised to balance herself.

-The kids push a log from the shallows deeper.
-With quite a bit of yelling commands and no more than the average amount of teamwork involved, they get it unstuck.
-They bring it farther and farther out until one by one the children get scared and hop off.

-They lost Isaac the moment they all tried to climb on the log and it rolled on it's side. (as in he fell off, he isn't actually lost.)
-He is now catching frogs on the beach with Bridget.

-Anne, Rachel and Peter stay with the log.

“Can you touch the bottom?” Mum yells
“No!” Peter grins widely.
“If one of the girls drowns, you have to save them!” Mum says
“I know!!” Peter returns
“If they die you can't have their plates!” Dad adds
“If they die you can't have their plates!!” Dad repeats with his hands cupping his mouth.
“Okay!” Peter says and pushes out further.

-Then we have Cremas because the children are “Staarving!!” As they so loudly wail.

-Then Ninoska starts yelling at Douglas who is in the water.
-I look to where she is pointing and see multiple men in the water on a different point of the beach.
-I see heads bobbing and mum asks
“Are they fighting?”

-A woman in a pink shirt runs into the water screaming something, a man holds her back but she fights him trying to reach something in the water.
-Then another head comes to the surface and two men pull the unconscious body to shore.
-People swarm over forming a crowd around the man.

-Dad was an EMT, so he runs over to help.
-Mum calls the kids over and we pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy, watching anxiously as Dad and Douglas get lost in the mix of humans.
-He comes back just as we finish, and reports.
Vive,” he says. “He's alive. He was drunk before he got it.”
Todo bien, no hay problema.” Douglas says and dad starts to correct him, but doesn't. Aside to mum he says,
“He still looked really bad. When I went over there they were pushing on his chest and breathing, but they could just push water into his lungs. So I rolled him on his side. A lady yelled at me, but I know how to help.”
“Wow.” mum says.

-Nothing like a bit of drama to spice things up.


  1. Oh my goodness! That sounds like an eventful day! Goodness gracious!

    1. It was actually pretty relaxing. I mean, the person we thought was dead was quite an event, but besides that it was great.
      Thanks for commenting!!!!!!

  2. Haha WOW that's crazy!!
    Cool entry. :DD

    1. I KNOW! I actually saw the guy walking around later with some other people.
      And thank you for commenting!!!!!!!!

  3. What a day! No wonder you're an've got such cool experiences to rely on!
    I was on the edge of my seat reading this, m'dear.
    ~Mira <3

    1. Indeed. It was quite fun. Haha you're right! I've not really thought about that.
      Oh thank you!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!!


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