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Saturday, September 16, 2017

AN INTERVIEW (that I totally did not bribe anyone into doing) + an announcement that I mentioned before but I'll say it again.

(in case you were wondering, the header thingy right there above these words is a picture of Lizzy because for a while Rae had a picture of Lizzy as her profile picture and I still think of her as Lizzy sometimes??
And Mrs. Bennet looking sane because that is basically who I am. 
(except the sane part, obviously.)

So folks, THIS be the real post that happened when I asked the darling Ms. Rae about 3094 too many questions.

Ewok.... my dog was named after this very Ewok... I had this mini Ewok for ten years, bless this Ewok, will always miss him forever: Sept 12, 2011. My little old Man, Ewok, the pekingese king.

oh don't give me that blank look, Steven. You know I'm right.

AND WHILE WE'RE ON THE TOPIC OF STEVENS I actually don't know anyone named Steven. So yeah, if you know a Steven, or you ARE a Steven, let us get acquainted so I can mark that off my bucket list.
Just kidding that isn't on my bucket list.
But you know what is??

-I want to go to Chicago. Visit Hyde Park, and look at museums and stuff and basically Blue Balliot has made me add something to the bucket list I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I HAD, SO. I MEAN BASICALLY SHE'S BRILLIANT AND READ ALLL HER BOOKS A-S-A-P.
(so is that actually said a-s-a-p when it's spelled like asap, or do people just say ay-sap. I DUNNNO BROOO)
That's some awfully deep thinking in those parenthesis.
Don't let me do that again.


(Note: my questions and comments are bold and italicized while Rae's answers are in RED LIKE THISthen at the end, when the font goes back to black it's me again.) 

How many siblings do you have?

What is the best (as in prettiest, or whatever) name you've ever heard?
-Oooh, let's see. I've always loved the name Peter for a guy. That's pretty much the only "favourite name" I've had. I also think the name Esther is very pretty. 😉

Why are you so awesome?
No seriously. How did this come to pass? Is this like an inherited thing or can anyone do it?

-What a fine bit of nonsense coming from you!
That's it. That's my answer.

Advice for someone who feels like even amongst friends they are alone?

-I wrote up a long answer for this, and decided it was so long I'd make it into its own blog post. So here's that.

Favourite song at this moment?
-Battle Hymn of the Republic (it's a fun one on the piano, y'all).

Least favourite song at this moment?-Oh, now that's interesting. Hold on, I do have an answer for this. There's this one song that my siblings (or sometimes myself, sadly) will start singing and I'll get annoyed with know what, I think it's Let It Go. I think it's always Let It Go that's the annoying song at our house. Now, I don't really have anything against the song itself, or the words, it's just that it is far too catchy and annoying at this point.
(To anyone for whom this triggered it getting stuck in your head, I apologize.)

If you only had 3 days left to live, what would be the most important things for you to accomplish?
-Question for you: did you expect a serious answer?*  I don't feel like taking this one seriously. :p
I would eat all of my very favourite things because I wouldn't have to be worried about the long-term effects on my health. Lots of chocolate.
I'd declare my undying love to the man of my drea--what? What did you say? Oh, he doesn't exist? Dangit. Well.

*(my answer: not necessarily)
**SO RELATABLE. I mean, seriously, whyyyy can't fictional characters come to liiiifee???? *proceeds to rant and wail miserably*

If you could steal (okay fine HAVE) any fictional character's wardrobe, whose would it be?
-Oh boy. You know what, I think it would be Emily Star's. Yep. Edwardian, and there are some simply divine descriptions of her clothes in the Emily books. (L. M. Montgomery, to those who don't know. What a shock, I know.)

Forest, ocean or mountains which is the best?
-What about forest and mountains? Though if I have to choose, I'll go with forest. I love trees too much.

Favourite piece of jewelry (if you have any)

-Probably these:
p.s. these are Rae's photos so don't steal them. I do not take kindly to theft. BE WARNED.

Describe your bedroom (hehe a demand, I know, but just pretend it's in question format)
-Oh, you want pics? I took some when I was decorating it, being a new room and all.

(The book is "What Would Jane Do? A book that disappointingly includes movie quotes and attributes them to Jane Austen, a pet peeve of mine. :/)
(I think they're a little blurry. :/)

Favourite type of tea? (if you drink tea)

-Nope, I don't!

What do you put in your tea (again, if you do drink it), milk, sugar, etc.

-See above :D

Favourite instrument
-I play the flute and the piano, but my favourite to listen to might be the harp.

Best instrumental music you ever heard

-Ooooh...That's hard. I love a lot of instrumental music. I might have to go with "The Firebird" by Stravinsky...not sure if that's the kind of answer you were going for, but there it is.

Favourite movie soundtrack
-'Kay, this is, like, realllly weird, but it's the old animated "The Hobbit". The sound track is. Ah. May. Zing.

The rest of the soundtrack

Favourite candle scent
-Ohhh, hmm...I've not thought about it. Probably the vanilla-brown-sugar-y type.

Which is better- straight or curly hair?
-Dependdsss...I like my hair better straight, it's so much easier to manage and it doesn't tangle nearly so bad.

Favourite hair color?


What was your first word?
-Mom says it was "thank you". Didn't know that before, huh.

If you had to read one book for the rest of your life (besides the Bible) what would it be?

-Aaaah, what??? Okay, Pride and Prejudice. Because it's been proven by my best friend that one can read it, like, 15 times in 2 months and not get tired of it. And then read it two more times a month later. Yep.

(Photo cred: me)

Do you know of any songs about siblings?
-There's song that I've heard a couple of times...Hey Brother, by Avicii.

Name a song you want played at your wedding
-Ooh, I don't know... Maybe Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis

Name a song you want played at your funeral *
-Whoa, okay. Um...Lead, Kindly Light?

* I know. I turn from randomly happy to very dark and dreary at random intervals without warning. It's kind of fun and kind of concerning?? *insert happy/confused face here* 

Pick a song you wish someone would do a cover of. (who totally won't be me, why would you ever think that??)
-Hmm, a song I want you to do a cover of? I'd love to hear something from the Broadway Cinderella musical.

When is your birthday?

-End of May

Favourite constellation?

-What? Hadn't thought about that either. How about the Little Dipper.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
-Night owl

Name a book you thought would be terrible but was actually good-I don't read books that I think will be terrible. :D *

*hehe good policy. 

Name a book you thought would be good and was terrible*

-Hmmmm I really can't think of any.

*ooh lucky you! 

What is a song that always makes you happy?
-El Grillo, by Josquin. :D

What is a song that can make you cry/be really sad? *
-Oh, boy. A lot of the songs from Les Mis.

* I KNOW! 

What is the worst song you have ever heard?
-Ugh, there are a lot of awful songs. Lots of pop songs and (how many people would I offend if I said I really don't like country music? Sorry).

Who is your favourite youtuber?

-Jordan Taylor/Blimey Cow

What is the latest title for a song/story/essay/whatever that you made up? *
-The last thing I wrote...I think it was an essay. I took an English Comp class this summer. Let me look. Okay, the "Saved As" title on Microsoft Word is "Final Exam (!!!)" but the title is "From Passive Agreement to Active Obligation". I'm really bad at coming up with titles; I really don't like it.

*haha that is a great title. Very original adding those exclamation marks. 

What is the last book that made you laugh out loud?

-It was one of the "Wide-Awake Princess" books by E. D. Baker. They're fun, easy reads. :D

When you are old, what memory do you want to be the one you tell your grandkids over and over? (example: I want mine to be when I get engaged [if/when that ever happens])
-Oh boy, I don't know. I like your example. That could very well be it.

What fictional character do you think you would be best friends with in real life?
-Okay, the first people that came to mind, I really don't think I'd be best friends with. Like, not Elizabeth Bennet or Anne Shirley. Not Margaret Hale. Not Amy Dorrit. Like, none of them are quite the kind of person I, personally, would be best friends with. I adore them all, but y'know.
Okay, y'know, I think I could actually get on quite well with Molly Gibson.

She needs a good best friend, anyway.

Whew! There we go! Thanks for all the questions, Esther!


The rest of y'all's question answers are coming soon! If you haven't and want to, you can ask questions here. *

*do it or else.

P. S. this is what happens when you are up at past ten and you want a picture for your blog post. You search "little furry bears from star wars" 
P.P.S. the announcement I mentioned in the title of this post is as follows: I AM GOING TO BE POSTING MAINLY ADVENTURE ENTRIES UNTIL I CATCH UP WITH THE MODERN TIMES (by which I mean, NOT five months ago) SO YEAH BE WARNED.
p.p.p.s. Note for Rae: it's funny because re-reading your answers I find that I have so many more things to add to my already thousand worded comment....



  1. i SOOO want to go to Chicago too!!!!
    ohmygosh i was literally just humming battle hymn of the republic. xD
    AWESOME post!! this was really fun to read!

      haha that's hilarious!!
      Thank you darling!!! Haha it was a little more of the info dump posts I used to do but yeah it was fun to write.
      Thank you for commenting, Sophie!!!! (btw, does it matter which spelling I use? I thought it was spelled with an IE but then you have a Y on the end sometimes, which is the right one??)

      eh no i don't really care that much. i used to use sophie, you're right, but i've always preferred the spelling sophy in the back of my mind ever since i saw how an actress's name was spelled in Cranford. people have said sophy sounds like a teddy bear name and we all know i'm not a teddy bear hahaha xD ;D kidding
      so yeah, when i feel self-conscious or something i guess i use sophie? but i sorta like sophy better? i don't know?? it's more recent (in 2016-17) that i've truly changed to sophy with a y.
      (i'm always tempted to introduce myself as "sophy . . . with a Y" like anne of green gables does) xD
      anyhoo . . .

      Oh okay. Well, I'll use Sophy mostly but sometimes the mood strikes me to use IE so I might????
      OH yes!! I love Cranford!!! And that actress is AMAZING.
      Um hello??? You aren't a teddy bear!!! You're a mouse!! And a very stubborn one at that (so I'm told) and I will fight whoever says Sophy is a teddy bear name.
      haha I actually have two other friends named Sophie (one is short for Josephine, but whatever) and they are both very quiet and strong and resilient and sweet. I think it has something to do the name??? Though you are all three unique in your persona of course.
      (hahaha DO IT!! It would be awesome)

  2. Please don't tell me I have to do a long comment; I already wrote over half this post AND I replied to BOTH of your 4,000+ word comments on my post. :D
    Oh, not that I am opposed to long comments. It's just that I have already for this particular post. :D


    Note. You said "that I totally didn't bribe anyone into doing" so sarcastically that people won't believe you! You didn't bribe me, and of course you didn't need to! You shall make people think I have to be bribed into answering your questions. :D
    (Okay, so actually, now that you mention it, I would probably accept a bribe. Do you have anything in mind? :D ) (Oh dear, there Rae is trying to be witty again and with the same result--failure).

    Anyway, YES FICTIONAL CHARACTERS NEED TO COME TO LIFE and I realized looking at that that I didn't actually say fictional, I said doesn't exist, and I debated editing it because OBVIOUSLY THAT'S WHAT I MEANT but of course you understood me. :D

    Well, did I begin this comment with a plea not to have to do a long comment? And what is this now, a short comment? No. Of course not. Well, what can be done? Nothing, I daresay.


    1. Ugh FIINE you don't have to do a long comment. The short one you have done will suffice. For now.

      actually, this was a lot of work, so NOT anytime. I had to copy and paste like a lot of times and then put ALL your words in RED and then put all mine in BOLD it was really super hard and next time YOU have to do more of the work.
      Like, say, writing the whole post in the first place just because I asked you like a million and 3.5 questions.

      Well I suppose I can be bothered to edit it, if I must. Honestly, you are SOO much work, Rae!!!
      (well you had ME laughing at any rate, so I wouldn't call it a complete fail)

      OOH YEAH. Woopsie! Hahaha of course!! I guess I just assumed you meant fictional characters because WHO WOULDN'T!
      Avid readers of good fiction UNITE! (and let us talk about all the swoon-worthy gentlemen that abide in these books because what else IS there to talk about?? Oh yeah and the wardrobes)

      You literally had me laughing out loud this entire comment!!! So you're good. As you well know, I have a certain fondness for long comments....

      You should not have given me permission to be sarcastic! I am too sarcastic now!!
      (no one can be too sarcastic)


  3. LOVE these!!!
    such great questions ohmygoodness

    1. THANKS!!
      Hahaha I'm glad you enjoyed them!
      Thank you SOO much for commenting!!!!!!


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