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Friday, June 2, 2017

Entry 3

Entry 3
I am sitting on my bed with a bunny curled against my stomach in one hand, his heartbeat against my palm, his plump stomach making noises.

They don't use the toilet in their sleep, do they?
I hope not.
Today has been fairly uneventful.
We had a scrumptious breakfast of french toast and sausage.
Quite a nice change from oatmeal.
We spent some time in a very interesting occupation that engaged all our finely attuned and widely varied brain capacities and…
I may or may not have simply forgotten what in the world we did this morning.
It was probably boring.
We watched Rogue one before lunch, and for lunch we had barbecued chicken and a meat of which I know not the owner. We had potato salad- but without mustard, and I made guacamole. Rachel deep fried potato chips, and we had pickles.
Quite a luxury.
Douglas, Ninoska, Ezekiel, Paul and Bing all dined with us.
After lunch, we did chores, and I listened to the parents talking while doing dishes.
I also tried to convince Bridget that people's words can only hurt you if you let them. She was not convinced.
After a while we finished Rogue One, and then had long philosophical discussions that went something like this.
“Which one do you like better, Rogue One or The Force Awakens?”
“I don't know…”
“Really? I like Rogue One way better.”
“Yeah but I like Rey better than Jyn.”
“Why, because she has buckteeth?”
“Well partly, but-”
Peter laughs
“But I like Rey as a character better!”
“Yeah right.”
And this.
“Oh Rachel, in How It Should Have Ended, K2 was like 'Well I knew we only had 30% chance of survival’ and uh 'so I copied my memory banks into another droid and now I'm here to save you!’”
“Yeah and the 'force is with me’ guy was like 'yeah and I'm a Jedi now, I took-’ what's her name?”
“Jyn’s kyber crystal-”
“Oh yeah, 'so I took Jyn's kyber crystal and made a lightsaber!”
Here I whip out a lightsaber and show Rachel the moves he used. And I laugh and Rachel looks incredulous and Peter sort of chuckles.
And this.
“Did they get the same actors?” Rachel asked from her seat on the black cot.
“No! Most of them are dead or too old!” I said
“That's what I thought. Like Leia?”
“She looked terrible!”
“I know! Her mouth was too flat and her nose was weird.”
Peter looks up at me,
“You know that from watching it one time? Yeah right.”
“Yes! I remember things like that!”
“Well she was weird.” Rachel puts in.
“Yes, it was her nose and mouth.”
Very philosophical.
Most of the afternoon was spent alternately sitting, walking and gazing up on the porch-like area and talking with Peter and Rachel.
Rachel came in and out, and Peter practiced handstand push-ups.
Mum and dad went on a walk, and I tried to download an app, which took a lot longer than it should have and made me quite annoyed.
I read some more of a quaint book called Rose. It is quite interesting.
And magical.
And makes me want to write more.
Maybe I should…
I played guitar for a while, and write this and then we had support.
Which is supper/dessert.
We usually have late lunches and then dessert for supper.
It's fantastic.
And probably super unhealthy.
Which is like regular unhealthy except with a cape. (Yes, paraphrased. Don't kill me, Cait. I only used it because it's awesome.)
Mum made bread pudding and we had coke floats.
Then we watched the Miracle Maker in Spanish till I was almost asleep then most of the kids went to bed so I joined them.
I believe mum and dad kept watching, but I was asleep, so I do not know.
That is all.
(Oh! Note: Isaac's bunny is actually a boy. His name is Cyrano again.)


  1. Aww this is was sooo good and well written!! I really enjoy these little entry things—they just feel so real and casual. I'm liking it :DD Lovely, lovely work! Keep this up. <3
    I especially like the idea of 'support' . . . and also, the name is AWESOME. xD <3 <3


      OH GOSH I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THAT!! I was trying to figure out where I wrote support and couldn't find it! I had to do a "find in page" search. Good grief.
      Thanks for commenting!!!


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