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Sunday, December 11, 2016

December Song- A Cover by E

Hello all you peoples of the Universe!
Hail Martians! Aaye Jupitians! Howdy Neptunians! Hey there All The Rest Of You!! I may or may not come in peace!

As you may have gathered from the title of this post, I have recently done a song cover to Peter Hollens' new song December Song, for a contest that said artist is hosting!
I am relieved, because I was extremely close to not being able to enter at all! What with being in Nicaragua, and the only wifi being turned off for these last three weeks, and all that jazz...yeah. Not too fun!

Me: are you kidding? It was horrible!
Myself: seriously! Almost as bad as no squirrel jokes! Speaking of which, why did the squirrel cross the road?
Me: AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!
I: um, to get to the other side?
Myself: No! You're such a nut! *snickers* The squirrel crossed the road because it's cousin was on the other side! Hahahahahahaha!!
Me: *imitates Batman's voice* You are so disappointing on so many levels.

That is literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
We are just gonna ignore them, okay? Where was I? Oh yes! Entonces, I got the video loaded on YouTube, and I listened to the song exactly 5 times before the app realized I didn't have internet, and failed.
So, all I can say is I hope you enjoy the song! I really love Peter Hollens' songs! A lot of them are covers of songs, and between you and me, *lowers voice to a conspiratorial whisper* Peter Hollens' version is better!

I am hoping to get a Christmasy theme done on the blog! Won't that be spectacular?! Maybe I'll keep it!
Oh! Great news! It's almost Christmas!!!!!!
And..... The contest ends December 9th.
And the winner will be announced December 11th.
More info here:
And can you tell I am just spouting random nonsense so you don't notice I haven't posted in.... *gulps* a while?
Yeah, I didn't do well with the whole scheduled posting thing. Woops. Well!! To make up for it, I'll show you some snippets of one of my many Work In Progresses. It has no name, but I'm working on it.
Random Fact: I used to have great story names, and no words for the story, and now I have a million trillion words for the story and no names!!


       Cora and her governess.
“I do not want to get dressed,” she said slowly, as if talking to an infant. “or go downstairs, or see you until I call for you.” she reached Ms. John, and turned her around. “Shoo.”

Cora and Calebs
“I say time for some fun, what about it Calebs?”
“But ma’am, you can’t be thinking of your cousins again. We just finished cleaning up their last mess.” Despite her calm face and voice, Calebs was as close to panicked as she had ever been in her life. Not the cousins. Please not the cousins.
“Indeed I am, Calebs.” Cora smiled, with a clap on the shoulder of her first mate. “I am in need of cheery company. I am still suffering from the after-effects of my party. Say, have you got an after-dinner mint?”

Cora and her Cousins
“So I says to him, 'An after-dinner mint, what do you take me for, a lady?’” the laugher that followed was so loud, it rattled the dishes. Or maybe the Captain was the cause of this. She tended to hit things when she had strong emotions.

The after-effects of Cousins
“I'm sure there are worse things than getting married, Captain.” Calebs grunted, as she rowed to the Valiant. She had all the crew working double time to clean the Captain's cabin, and it wasn't even close to being finished. It seemed the cousins had taken a late night swim and the deck was littered with blankets, ropes, buckets, and an occasional stocking.
“Yes I know, one of them being hangovers.” The Captain rubbed her temples ruefully.

I shall leave you with a journal entry from Cora.
My Darling Princess Cora,  

                        That is how the second of the suitors addressed me today! I rather like it, but he, on the other hand is quite a bore! All he could talk of was himself, and it was so tedious I thought I would scream. Ms. John would have had a fit, and that would have been great fun, but Mother is an absolute terror when roused. I try not to rouse her.

I sigh to think of my lot in life. I cannot wait till I find my Bachelor and can go pirate.

I was forced to wear a dress today, which was quite horrid! Mother threatened me with a corset if I didn't behave, so I am forced to wear dresses the whole day long! Only on the Valiant can I find solace. I wear trousers constantly on it, but I am only on it for a few precious hours a day! It is all quite horrid. I will have yet another suitor this afternoon, and although he will only be my third, I feel as if he will be my thirtieth!

Oh lord, that dratted governess of mine is calling me. I must find the monster who invented governesses and have them tortured and executed for crimes against the state!

Your Charming As Ever Princess and Captain,


So how do you like it?
Oh, and just for kicks:

Hahahahahahaha! I love that movie, and that part is the best part in the whole movie! Right?
So, maybe, if I get a favorable response from you humans and you other intergalactic life forms (if you are not any of these, please accept my humble apologies), I will put up more songs. Mahaps covers, probably my own songs, and just fuuun. Oh yeah, and maybe just some normal vlogs. Hey! I got an idea!!!!!! "A really really good idea!" (Laura Carrot, Celery Night Fever)
How 'bouts I have a Q and A vlog?!?!?!?!?! Whaddyou alls think?!
If you are interested, say so, then ask me ANYTHING, and I will (most likely NOT) throw it into the Infinite Abyss of Nothingness! And I will (most likely) answer it! Hooray! *throws snowflakes like confetti* Cake and Waffles for eeevryone!!! Now clean up the snowflakes. And don't get syrup in my new carpet!!!!

Can you believe I forgot to put the video link in this post?!?! Oj my gosh. Well anyway, here it is:


  1. GAHHHH! Girl. You can sing. I love that video! I gave it a like!

  2. Good to see another post from you!!! Loved reading it!!!

  3. ASDFHJKL GIRL. YOUR VOICE. YOU ARE A LITERAL ANGEL OK. <3333 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO MORE COVERS AND JUST SING ALL THE TIME BECAUSE ASDFGHJKL YOUR VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL. also EEEEP THESE SNIPPETS!! :D I love them so much. Your writing style is on point!! And the sassy banter is beautiful. I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!! *tosses confetti* Have a happy new year, Ether!!


    1. Aww Abbiee!! You are too kind! Hahahaha, well I sing all the time, but I don't know about covers. I'll try if you will!!
      Thanks so much! Haha don't tempt me! I will thrust my babies upon any lovely human and make you pet them! I mean, if you're serious, I will totally let you read the finished product (whenever that day comes) but you don't have to!
      Hey hey, speaking of stories, your one you posted snippets of the other day (week, month? I dunno) was absolutely GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!! If I can read yours you can read mine?
      Thanks thanks thanks for commenting!!!!!


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