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Monday, September 19, 2016

My Face When- Bleak House

Hey peeps! Ew. Did I really just say that?

Myself: YEP! You did!!! I am witness to the fact, and I am prepared to testify in court
Me: Totally! Just like I saw that squirrel crawling on the power line, yesterday- *gasps* I SHOULD TURN THAT INTO A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold on, let me think....
Myself: *facepalm*
I: um, maybe not?

anyway, I did NOT just call you humans (if you are not human, just tell me in the comments, I'll make sure to stop saying it) peeps the very THOUGHT is UNTHINKABLE!!!!!!!!! Ahem, moving on.
So, I found a FANTILIANT post, on a blog that is also FANTILIANT, it is so FANTILIANT it is FANTILIANT

Myself: if you say that word one more time, you might find yourself with a bent nose.
Me: *muttering*
I: wait, is she lost?
Myself: *gives look of disgust*
I: what? I was TRYING to make a joke! *sigh*

Like I was saying, it is absolutely FA- er, fantastic! Check out her blog HERE or ELSE, I'll send Myself to hound you, and as you all can tell, she is quite... erm, brutal.

Myself: Thank you.
I: You're welcome
Myself: *glares* not YOU

Okay, onward, Christian soldiers!!

My face when Me makes another squirrel joke.
(I fear for her sanity)

My face when people say pink is a manly color.
(*voice dangerously calm*
Say what?)

Someone says Doctor Who is dumb...

(Oh! It's a joke! Funny)
Then they say it is not a joke:

My face when my little siblings aren't doing their chores.
(Glaring icey daggers is quite effective)

My face when my little sister is telling another stranger the story of my family's life.

My face when people say they don't like to read and/or don't like books.

My face when I'm discussing a book I love with another person who loves it.
Just kidding, my face is more like:

Except with a lot more exclamation marks, and quoting and sqeals and a lot less dancing.

My face when my little brother announces everything he is currently doing to the world.

My face when I get a REALLY good story idea.
(ooh, I am such a genius, I gotta go tell someone)

My face when no one gets my story idea
(Fine, I guess it is just too complicated for your tiny human brain to process.)

My initial reaction when a favorite character dies
(What?? No!! *proceeds to wail and mourn for days*)

My face when I am defending a book, or homeschooling, or one of my siblings.
(Yes, I am one of many talents. One look can mean many things. This face could also mean, you have a little black thing on your tooth)

My face when someone says they don't like the Lego Movie
(Hint: I love the Lego Movie.)

My face when I find a witty and awesome come back- after the argument has ended, so it is no use at all. (NOOOOOO!!!!!!)

My face when I think of a witty and AMAZING come back- before the conversation is over! (Take that! Ha! Ha!)
(Yes, my friends! It is I, the great master of witty and amazing comebacks. No, no, don't bow to me! Oh well, I suppose now that you're already kneeling, go ahead)

The End

So, I doubt that was as funny as Rae's Pride and Predjudice, but it is a lot harder than it looks! I'll leave you with a hilarious thingy and a gif, because I want to
hehehe, the best right?? 

And from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because, why not?

Well! That about wraps it up for today, folks! As you can tell, my schedule for posting is.... a bit off. Okay, it's not working at all. But that's fine because I have no idea how often I´ll be able to post in Nicaragua. Anyways, I have a few questions for you all before I leave you in the dark once more.

Did you like it when I asked specific questions of you knaves, or would you like me to be nice and just have the questions, or no questions or... anything else?
Also, did you like this My Face When, and do you want more?
Plus, anything in particular you want me to post about?? I'll be happy to oblige
And last, what do you think of me posting my reviews of books I've read on here? Oh, and movies. Thoughts?
Well, I'll be seeing ya!
Namaarie Mellonamin


  1. I LOVED THIS!!!
    First of all, THANK YOU for your very kind words about my blog!!!
    Second of all, I've never seen Bleak House, but that did not mean I did not love this! THIS WAS AMAZING! I could easily relate to most of them, but especially any of the ones that had to do with siblings! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. You understand! (I have several siblings, too.) Yes.
    This was just great!

    1. Aww thanks so much, Rae!!!! I was afraid it was boring, or confusing. Thank you for taking the time to comment!
      Aye, I have 10 siblings. So much fun, but so much work!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! THAT WAS SO SO SOS OS SO FUNNY!!! IU want to do one so so so bad, but It looks like A LOT of work! I can especially relate to the ones where the siblings aren't doing chores, or the "I just got a story idea" one, or Sister telling stranger something one! They are ALL GREAT! KEEP UP THE AHRD AND AMAZING WORK!

    1. Thank you so much, Allie!!!!! Aye, it is a LOT of work, but rather fun if ou have the time and inclination. It would be AWESOME if you did one!!!!!!

  3. Haha, his was quite the entertainment! I can relate to some, not all, of those!

    1. Thank you Maggie! It was fun to do.
      And thanks so much for commenting!

  4. OKAY THIS WAS FUNNY. Your writing in this post is absolutely the best, Esther :) I LOVE IT. I relate to quite a few of them!

    - Autumn
    Autumn's Readings & Writings

    1. Thank you SO much, Autumn!! I had so much fun making it.

  5. AHFKSJDKLAJ THIS WAS FABULOUS AND BRILLIANT OH MY GOODNESS. Also now I reeeeeeally want to see Bleak House!! I've never seen it and I'm like #need :''') I CAN RELATE TO A LOT OF THESE FACES ACTUALLY <3


    1. Thank you, dear!! Aye, you definitely should watch Bleak House! It is so good.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! It means so much!

  6. (By the way, I tagged you for this award: )

  7. Your conversations with yourself are far more interesting than my conversations with most people, haha. Little brothers can be a handful, that's for sure! But WRITE ALL THE THINGS! Who cares if they're crap or not? WRITE! :D

    Elisabeth @ Inkspelled Faery

    1. Why thank you! I don't try. In fact, I worry my conversations are annoying, honsestly. :p
      Oh I know! I only have one little brother, but that is enough for me, thanks!

      Thank you so much for commenting Elisabeth!

  8. Oh my goodness! This post was the best! Bleak House is pure awesome, and your captions were fantiliant. The Ada face was my favorite because I've totally seen you do it before ;)

  9. Oh my goodness! This post was the best! Bleak House is pure awesome, and your captions were fantiliant. The Ada face was my favorite because I've totally seen you do it before ;)

    1. Aww!! Thanks, Maddie!!!! Haha! That's so funny! :)
      Thanks so much for commenting!

  10. Great post!! I NEED to watch/read Bleak House! Charles Dickens is a master.


    1. Thank you!! You totally do!! Dickens is a fantabulous writer!!!!
      Thanks for commenting!


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