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Monday, May 9, 2016


So, updates... I have added a new page to my blog, called 'Don't look for trouble,  it will come to you' in Elvish. You really want to check that out. (Yes, I just did a jedi mind trick on you, ha. Ha. Ha)  Oh, and here's a family update.

Abi and Ellie are out of the house, so go to their blog, I won't bother too much about them. here is Abi's, and here is Ellie's.
Mia is trying to go to World Youth Day, in Poland no less! Lucky duck...
The rest of us are learning Spanish so we can go to Honduras or Nicaragua in September, probably. We are doing school-

Me: snort NO. WAY. School?! That is randomly creepy! Wait,  don't you have to think to do that? I didn't think you knew how.
Myself: Um, you realize you just insulted yourself right?
I: ouch!
Me: chuckles nervously I knew that! I knew it!
I: you're not Emmet, so quit or I'll be Batman.
Myself: hey, if you don't be quiet, I might just be princess Unikitty!
Me: ew! That wierd cat thing? Sure, I'll be quiet.
I: you can say that again.
Me: ew! That wierd cat thing? Sure, I'll be quiet
I: no, I didn't mean you, should I just said you could say that again.
Me: ew! That wierd cat thing? Sure, I'll be quiet
Myself: Fine, here goes: YOU ALL NEED TO BE MORE-

Sorry, strange interlude there, anyway. As I was saying, Spanish, school, we just moved to a house (still in Kansas City) and we've still been settling down. Um... soap... I mean, so... 'Race car, okay.... well...  I don't see... a wheel... or... three... more wheels?'
Sorry, into The Lego Movie, in case you couldn't tell.

Me: Yeah, we can Utinu en lokirim 
Myself: Llie n'vanima ar' lle atara lanneina 
I: Mani naa lle umien? 

Lle tela? Good, I am tired of you three squabbling, and in Elvish too! Sorry, people, I gotta go before they start a warpath. Just one more thing, if you have any comments on anything, the design, the font the random bursts of Elvish, or the quotes, just comment. I might not do anything about it :) but at least I'll know. Please, do so! 
                                                  Quel fara!

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